Beauty After The Storm

Recently, after a particularly cloudy, stormy day, the sun came out. As my mom used to say: “The sun came out in time to set.”  When the sun comes out late in the day, but there are still dark clouds lingering, it’s grab-the-camera-time.

marina 2-25-2016 5-18-36 PM

I love the gold of the marsh grass against the dark blue clouds.

marsh grass and clouds 2-25-2016 5-29-17 PM

For the past few weeks, we’ve had a pair of Canada geese calling our yard home.  Yes, I wish they’d move on to another location.

clouds and geese 2-25-2016 5-18-48 PM

Our weather forecasters say we’ll have several days this week with highs in the 70’s.

clouds 2-25-2016 5-18-22 PM

I feel a severe, wonderful case of spring fever heading this way.

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Beauty After The Storm

  1. These gold and blue pictures are gorgeous, along with the narrative. I too have spring fever! My tulips are pushing out, the goldfinches are “golding” so fast, and my forsythia budding! I share your spring fever!

  2. Yes – I’m excited about temps in the 70s this week – what a treat! I figure we’d better enjoy it while we can……..! I trimmed some forsythia branches yesterday to bring inside to force blooms – I just can’t WAIT for them to do it on their own…………


  3. Beautiful photographs! I’m really looking forward to the taste of spring that’s arriving this week.

  4. We have had a beautiful weekend though a bit blustery. Today is sunny and 60s then rain for three days. We will always take the rain! Green is popping out all over!

  5. Beautiful pics. I think the ‘bad’ weather makes the bright even brighter. I’d be ready for the geese to go too. Looking forward the Spring-like weather this week.

  6. An awesome example of contrast on TheseDays !
    Blues, grays, gold & green ..
    Definitely time to grab the camera !

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful mixed colors. Spring has to be near.

  8. I definitely have spring fever! Won’t it be wonderful to see the greens and pinks and lovely shades of everything lovely popping out soon?

  9. I love the water and marsh grass colors–makes a great photo. Spring fever is surely in the air.

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