One Picture: Lots Of Memories

Last week, our local paper published an article about the library and included a picture of a group of children at story time.

That brought back memories of a library-related newspaper article  when Marshall was a young boy.  So, for “Throwback Thursday” on Facebook last week, I shared the picture that appeared in that article.


“Marshall, 8, looks for one of four books he’s allowed to check out, as his mother looks at his earlier selections.”

It was July, 1988. At that time, our library was located in one of the old homes in town.  There was a shortage of books, especially so during the summer reading program, which was the subject of this article.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“Marshall is just one of the 254 children participating in the reading program.  Sitting cross-legged on the library floor, his mother peruses the thinning shelves of children’s books, hunting for just the right selections for her 8-year old.

His last choice, “All About Mars” with a picture of the red planet on the cover, satisfies him, and Marshall carts his heavy booty down the well worn stairs. This stack will replace the pile he laid on the counter when he came in.

The reading club alleviates some of the summer boredom, parents say. ‘This gives him something to look forward to,’ (Marshall’s mom) says. ‘When he gets tired of playing outside, he comes in and picks up a book’.”

And here’s a thought that jolted me when I found this newspaper article last week:

When this picture was taken, I was the age that Marshall is now…..

~These Days Of Mine~

16 responses to “One Picture: Lots Of Memories

  1. What a great photograph and story, Dianna! You both look so cute!

  2. Coincidences are always kind of startling in their own way!


  3. GREAT photograph and how funny that you were nameless—only Marshall’s mom. 🙂 But yes, that is what you are!

  4. I love this sweet sepia toned picture. And I imagine it was jarring that you realize he is the same age now as you the article .Time doesn’t march on, it races with unnerving speed! Surprising us when we least expect.Still a lovely memory a great thing you raised a reader!

  5. Saw this sweet photo on your FB and loved hearing the rest of the story here. This brought back memories of my own children doing library summer reading programs. And yes, it is a bit startling that they are now the age we were then! :-O

  6. Takes me back to summer when I was a kid. I remember my Mom taking me… it’s a special memory!

  7. Those were the BEST Reading Programs. Ms. Emma Jean was super. Precious picture and remembrance.

  8. ‘ 88 ..
    Board shorts, flip-flops, and a rattail (I think: it’s kind of dark in the pic, but they were the rage ; )) ..
    & books being so popular in a small town during the summer reading program that there was a shortage ?!
    Time DOES race on …

  9. What a delightful story Dianna. There you are in that remarkable photograph making history for the library and memories for you and your family.

  10. Thanks for sharing this precious photo and story.

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wonderful life story, Dianna. Marshall was a cute little man then and a handsome man now.

  12. What enchanting memories. Seeing the photo and reading the article is such a sweet peek back in time.

  13. That’s cool!

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