Gotta Have A Horse Post

It’s rare that a week passes here at These Days without at least one horse-related post.  For this week’s entry, I’m sharing pictures from a trip we made to the Outer Banks about 10 days ago.  It was another beautiful day at the beach. We saw 34 horses, and although I’m always excited to see any of them, we had a special treat that day.

foal and parents 6-18-2016 10-47-03 AM

This is the third foal born to the Corolla herd this season; she was introduced on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund page on June 13. (So far, we’ve been fortunate enough to see two of the three. We saw baby North Star with our friends Renee and Mike, as shared in this post from last month.)

I had my lens zoomed in as much as possible while taking these pictures. (I’m trying to be good, hoping Santa may bring me a larger lens for Christmas….)

4 and baby 6-18-2016 10-50-17 AM

Sweet baby, beautiful Mom.

baby and mom 6-18-2016 10-47-48 AM

I’m anxiously awaiting an announcement on a name for this little girl.

Meanwhile, we also saw these two beauties.  In the past, I have referred to them as having “blonde” manes.  A friend of mine with extensive horse knowledge kindly let me know that the correct term is “flaxen”.

2 flaxens 6-18-2016 12-54-46 PM

And I was pleased with this picture of one of the horses having lunch on a dune.

horse on dune 6-18-2016 10-41-42 AM

And that concludes this week’s obligatory horse post.

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Gotta Have A Horse Post

  1. What a sweet little girl – wonder what her name will be. She’s a beauty already……….you got some great shots on this beautiful day!


  2. What beautiful horses! You sure get the best shots. And the flaxen horse—WOW! Nice Santa list – just be sure to be on the ‘nice’ list! NO PROBLEM!!

  3. I never tire of seeing the horses. I love the colts. I especially love the colts because it shows the herd(s) are thriving and healthy.
    I’m looking forward to learning the name of the new little girl. She’s such a precious addition to the family.
    I’m hoping Santa reads blogs and will be especially generous and bring you the new lens (and maybe even bring it early). 😉

  4. You know what? I just never ever tire of your horses on the beach photos! That little foal is beautiful. And by the way, I’m SURE you are on Santa’s nice list so that new lens? It’s in the bag!! 😉

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I do so love your horse pictures, Dianna. The little foal is precious!

  6. This was a fine horse post !
    Some great photos with the beach as a backdrop..
    I’m sure Santa will take note of your skill and put something good
    in the stocking !

  7. Nice shots. There are some beautiful horses. OK, that describes them all. That youngster is adorable!

  8. It is the sweetest thing to see a new foal. Thank you for sharing. 😊

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