Random Five Friday

Five randoms for the first Friday in June:

1.)  Wednesday evening, I was outside taking pictures of the sunset.  And Motor Man was at the back door with his cell phone, taking pictures of the sunset…and me.

jrs sunset

2.) Wednesday morning, when I opened the curtains, I saw a deer.  On. Our. Deck.  Apparently, I caught him just in time, because he hadn’t eaten my Asiatic Lilies or potted hydrangeas .  Motor Man and I rigged up some deer deterrents, hoping to keep them from visiting our deck again.

pie pans 6-2-2016 6-44-57 PM

3.)  You may remember this pretty old red barn that I share photos of occasionally.  Recently, we were taking a drive on a day when the clouds were exceptionally nice.  That old barn begged for another photo.

barn and clouds 5-31-2016 3-40-12 PM

4.) What’s Gypsy been up to recently?  She’s just hanging around.

jr and gyp

Being a spoiled baby.

db and gypsy

5.)  My birthday is this weekend. And I’ve already begun celebrating. I had lunch with my niece on Wednesday.  Today, it’s lunch with friends, and, tonight, dinner with Marshall. Then a little adventure with other friends this weekend. I’m always reminded of this song when my birthday rolls around.

Happy first weekend of June…now if we could just have some nice summertime weather…

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Happy Birthday, Dianna! I love the deer deterrents. 🙂

  2. Happy Almost Birthday – have a fun time today and this weekend – we’ll celebrate on the train! Love your “deer deterrent” attempt – they are so bold they see something edible and they’ll climb up to get it!


  3. Fun RFF.
    Lovely sunset. It’s fun how MM was taking photos of you and you both taking photos of the sunset.
    I hope the pans work to deter your beautiful but unwelcome porch visitors, The hanging pans have worked for us so far.
    Charming old barn, I agree, yes it did beg for a photo.
    I always smile when I see photos of Miss Gypsy. She has come along way since she adopted you all. What a precious girl she is.
    Sounds like you have a fun filled busy weekend. Have fun, celebrate well, and have a very Happy Birthday! 🙂

  4. Such beautiful pictures all – especially the barn. I’m partial to old barns! And Happy early Birthday! Enjoy it!! Sounds like you’re off to a good start.

  5. Well, a very Happy Birthday to you!!!!
    Still miss Barn Charm.

  6. Great photos. If you come down here this weekend stop in for a visit and a birthday hug!

  7. Happy Birthday Dianna! I think that deer came bearing good wishes. I love your photos of the sunsets, Gypsy luxuriating, and of course the charming barn. 🙂

  8. Happy Birthday!!
    It seems to me TheseDays is trying to coax summer out ..
    This just seems like a warm weather R5F …..
    a June sunset, deer, green grass & huge clouds, a cat on her back, and Buffett..
    Summer’s coming !

  9. Well..about entry #2…I have a feeling there are some Great Uncle looking down at that and giggling. I remember them telling me about Aunt Martha’s “deer deterrents” and the menagerie of things she had hanging around her garden. And how “musical ” it was when the wind blew. But I bet Aunt Martha approves !!!

  10. One determined deer you had to climb up onto your deck. We had an opossum come up onto ours one year, but never deer – at least not yet! Sounds like you’re off to a fantastic birthday weekend! Have a wonderfully happy birthday!!

  11. Happy birthday, Dianna! Don’t forget your umbrella! 😉

  12. Whew, that deer was very daring. I’ve had deer eat plants very close to my house, but they’re never navigated any stairs. Happy birthday!

  13. reneewilliams7

    G0tta love the Jimmy!

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