Beach Storm

A couple of weeks ago, Motor Man and I made a trip to the Outer Banks on a day that had started out sunny. But, during our visit, an afternoon storm approached.  We saw 50 horses that day, including these five down by the water.

5 horses 6-12-2016 6-26-14 PM

This was the view to the west at that same time. Those were some dark clouds.

cloud to the west 6-12-2016 6-30-35 PM

This picture was taken of those same five horses less than ten minutes after I took the above photo. Conditions definitely “deteriorated”, and quickly.

five in rain 6-12-2016 6-35-08 PM

Lightning, thunder and pouring rain…..and those horses didn’t seem bothered at all.

horses in pouring rain 6-12-2016 6-37-26 PM

This video I took (with the car window down) will give you an idea of the storm. You can see the lightning, but the wind was so strong, I’m not sure you can hear the thunder.

Although we’ve been on the beach in the rain, this was our first time being there during a thunderstorm.  It was very impressive. But, soon, the sun was beginning to break through the clouds.

clouds and dunes 6-12-2016 7-01-22 PM

And, on our way back, we stopped in the little village of Duck to watch the sun set.

sunset 6-12-2016 8-03-01 PM

Once again, we found that a trip to the beach is never boring.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Beach Storm

  1. reneewilliams7

    Such expression in these photos!! Nothing so impressive as the changing moods of the ocean and the power of Mother Nature. The photos of the horses were just beautiful! I love the many moods that Carova shows us. Each trip has its own treasures. What an fascinating experience!

  2. Thunderstorms at the beach are always exciting. Beautiful photos! I especially liked the sunset at Duck.

  3. The beach you visit is never boring….even when the horses are hiding there’s plenty of water action, sky action, and beautiful views…….


  4. Love this post as always. Thanks for sharing your lovely beach trip and horses.

  5. How amazing that those horses were so calm through nature’s anger. And how amazing that you were there and could get all those fabulous pictures.

  6. Loved your video.

  7. Another great progression here !
    Sun to storm and back …
    & the silhouettes of the horses against the backdrop of the storm are very impressive …
    & .. I could hear the thunder !

  8. Those were some pretty awesome sights you captured. You are so very fortunate to live close enough to take these beach trips to share for those of us who are land-locked!

  9. thanks so much for sharing this trip to the outer banks – what a great video felt like I was right there int he storm 🙂 the pictures are gorgeous as always!!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love your beach trips and the wonderful pictures.

  11. I love ALL the weather at OBX and it seems the horses do, too. 😊

  12. Such a wonderful capture of the changing moods of the OBX – never boring. God paints just the best pictures and videos. So glad you were there to capture them for us.

  13. Bless their hearts standing in the elements, they need rain coats and hugs.
    I’m sure they perked up when the sun came out.
    Great video and photos. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  14. Never boring–you got that right!

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