Climb In!

You may recall my post from November of 2013,  Up, Up And Away, where we helped launch a hot air balloon.

Or this post, where the hot air balloon event we recently attended at a local winery had to be cancelled because of wind.

Motor Man and I are in touch quite often with Mark, the owner of the balloon company. I received a message from him last Saturday night, saying that they would be launching early Sunday morning.  He thought I may like to come take pictures. (Now where would he get an idea like that?)

So it was a very early morning for us.  This was taken around 5:30, just as we were heading out the door.

sunrise 6-19-2016 5-23-04 AM

About an hour later, the crew was filling the balloon with air.

filling balloon 6-19-2016 6-27-01 AM

 This is an interesting view from the other end of the balloon.

inside balloon 6-19-2016 6-32-20 AM

Things were definitely heating up.

fire3 6-19-2016 6-35-00 AM

Soon, everyone was in the basket and ready for take off.

ready to ride 6-19-2016 6-38-05 AM

Well….almost.  Just a few seconds later, Mark yelled to Motor Man and me: “Two folks didn’t show up, y’all climb in!”

And that may have been for the best, since I didn’t have time to get nervous.

What an absolutely beautiful morning for a balloon flight.

smfd station bridge windsor castle 6-19-2016 6-47-06 AM

Remember the photo I took last week from the James River Bridge of the recovered helicopter?  In this picture, you can see the bridge (to the far right) where I took the picture.

morning jrb6-19-2016 6-49-38 AM 6-19-2016 6-49-38 AM

We became quick friends with another couple on the flight.  They had misplaced their Go-Pro camera, so Motor Man loaned them ours to use – with a promise that I would send them the images. (Hello? Tech support?)

There was just one small problem with our balloon flight: there was NO wind at all that morning. So our ride, although beautiful, was a short one. I took this of our shadow as we were landing.

shadow1 6-19-2016 7-06-02 AM

It was another fun experience with my Motor Man.

dbjr balloon 6-19-2016 7-31-49 AM

And, yes, I do believe I would do it again.

~These Days Of Mine~

17 responses to “Climb In!

  1. What a perfect adventure! !!! No time to get nervous and drink wine—oh, that was me! The pictures were fantastic Dianna! Especially the one inside the baloon blowing up. And how perfect it was a “easing you in” flight because of no wind. Just a perfect adventure. BUT I bet that heart was doing some racing when you were walking towards that baloon (just like mine would have been)! Loved this and so glad you both flew!

  2. What a wonderful post! I loved the narrative and the photos – especially the shadow one! I don’t think I would ever have the nerve to go up in a hot air balloon – so thanks for allowing me to take a ride vicariously with you!

  3. What fun! Although I’m afraid of heights, I’d like to do this. Of course, I’d feel more comfortable with some wind. Great shots, Dianna!

  4. Wow!! I love this, such beautiful pics – really makes it feel as if we were right there with you! Love seeing all the pics of the James River, that’s one thing that I miss from being here in the mountains. When Tim & I lived in Louisville, during Derby week they had a hot air balloon race and it was one of our best experiences seeing the process of the them being filled with air and launching. Two that stood out were the Kentucky Friend Chicken balloon – shaped like a chicken and the Pittsburgh Paints one shaped like a paint can:)

  5. What a wonderful surprise ride you all had. Thanks for sharing your beautiful adventure and colorful photos. It looks like a lot of fun. Cool! 🙂

  6. Nice that you finally got that balloon ride……..and some beautiful photos too. That’s one thing I would not hesitate to do – all the experience flying in a two-seater has given me the love of flight – balloons or Cessnas or jumbo jets – I just love being UP. Glad you enjoyed it!


  7. You and Motor Man do spontaneous better than anyone I know – and look at the rewards – some of the most beautiful pictures of our area. At least there was no time for nerves. Still don’t know if I could have done it. Thanks for taking me along on the ride through your pics.

  8. Good for you! It is the only way to get those beautiful photos! David and I did it years ago in San Diego. I too would do it again!

  9. How fun! Beautiful views! That red barn… charming!

  10. Looks like an exciting trip! – with plenty of great pics !

  11. OH HOW WONDERFUL! Sorry, I’m shouting but really…what a fabulous and fun experience you had. I would love to go up in a balloon. And your shots are great!

  12. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a great memory for you and Motor Man. The pictures are wonderful.

  13. Another fabulous experience and thanks for sharing as you soared into space! 😊

  14. You are so brave! Love the shadow shot.

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