Enough Already, Julia

Tropical Storm Julia dropped in to our area for a visit last week, and bless her heart, the girl didn’t know when to leave.

Every day this week has been a wash-out.  In our rain gauge, we measured 4.5 inches. But, to the south of us, near the Virginia/North Carolina state line and on to the Outer Banks, they had reports of over 12 inches of rain.

Motor Man and I had an errand to run in the Outer Banks area yesterday.  Since we were so close to where “my” wild horses are, we decided to venture up that way.

For those of you familiar with the area, this was just one of many places where the highway flooded between the towns of  Duck and Corolla.


We didn’t see it causing anyone problems though.  Everyone was making it through okay.


When we got to the four-wheel drive area of Carova, we found the beach was in excellent condition for driving.  It was also a busy place with folks enjoying the first sunny day this week.


But, traveling over the dunes to the “back roads” was out of the question – at least for us. We tried several places, but this is what we saw each time.


We had given up hope of seeing horses since, many times, the back roads are where we see them. But, then….


We spotted four beauties on the ocean side of one of the dunes.   They looked so healthy, and what gorgeous manes.


So we had the trauma excitement of driving through flood waters (see video below) and, against what we thought were all odds, managed to see horses.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Enough Already, Julia

  1. Amazing trip!! Surprised you saw the sun yesterday,( so that is what it looks like). I am surprised you did not have to just sit in standstill traffic like I did last time I was caught in rain down there–glad for you! The beach was beautiful and I thought it cute the only horses venturing out were blondes!! That was a lot of water!!! Great pictures and I held my breath all through the video so good thing it was short! Good weekend my adventuring friend!

  2. WOW…..that stretch of water-covered road looks familiar as do the “behind the dunes” flood puddles. Glad you got to see some of your horses though!


  3. Great post! Loved the photos of the horses!

  4. I agree … everything’s waterlogged – time for a dry-out!
    You came across some very healthy & happy looking horses on this last adventure… it’s so good they can go around and do as they please ..

  5. WOW – what a adventure. I’m glad we’ve never had that kind of water to drive through when we’re down. But you were rewarded with the sight of those beauties. The sun is FINALLY showing itself a little here today – what a welcome sight.

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    A water log week it was. Some cities on the south side had to cancel schools because of many roads being flooded. Love the beautiful horses and wow what a road to travel with all that water!

  7. The horses are beautiful. I wish I had a herd of them. I would just sit and gaze at them all day long and give them lots of hugs. 🙂
    That’s a lot of water. Oh my, it’s good your vehicle is built for such conditions. I’m glad that Julia left without doing too much damage.

  8. Sounds like an adventurous journey! Glad you got to see “your” horses though!

  9. Yikes! Adventures in driving, huh? But it was worth it to see ‘your’ horses! 😉

  10. Whew, you’ve had a lot of rain – though it doesn’t look like it’s bothered the horses in the least.

  11. EEK! That’s more water than I’d want to drive through. The horses do look healthy. The first sunshine after a few gray days serves as a magnet to draw us outside.

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