Monday Morning Mews

Happy Monday, effuryone, and welcome to a very special edition of Monday Morning Mews.

Motor Mommy has shared with you before about a very talented young man named Matthew.   If you missed those posts, you can learn a little about Matthew in this link.  We came to know Matthew’s mom, Mary,  because she was online friends with my Aunt June (Motor Mommy’s sister).

Motor Mommy was so honored last year when Matthew (through Aunt June) asked to use her photos as inspiration for some of his sketches.

Then….one day last week, a package came in the mail for Motor Mommy. It was from Matthew!  And THIS is what was inside:


A framed sketch of ME, wearing my Santa Hat (and looking none too happy about it, I might add).   Matthew used this photo, which Motor Mommy had shared on her blog on Christmas Day, 2012.

cattitude in a hat

Now, I ask you:  did Matthew not purrfectly capture my grumpy little expression?

Needless to say, Motor Mommy was so very touched by this gift.   She and Mary are Facebook friends, and according to his mom,  Matthew has been wanting to do this as a gift for Motor Mommy for a long time.

With Mary’s permission, I’m sharing her FB message to Motor Mommy:

“When June first asked you if Matthew could draw from your pictures, he had shared with her that he eventually wanted to share an original drawing of his from your photo. June was so touched by this. Today she is smiling down from heaven as their secret has been carried out.”

And after reading that message…..Motor Mommy reached for the tissues.

Thank you, Matthew, for such a wonderful gift.  We all really hope to meet you and your family in person one day.  We think you’re a very special young man.

Love, Sundae

PS. Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “M”!

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Monday Morning Mews

  1. This is an incredible story on so many levels, so beautiful. FIrst, what a wonderful capture of “Grinch Sundae”- I know he is smiling on the inside. And that June’s memory is kept vital through unexpected acts of kindness like this. Just a perfect Christmas story.

  2. Cant’ be said any better than Donna’s comment above♥ I love how God surprises us through the acts of others when we least expect it:)

  3. What a sweet story. Matthew is sooo talented. That must have been a very special surprise for you Dianne!

  4. Touching and such a sweet, sweet gift.

  5. Aw what a bittersweet story. Matthew is wonderfully talented. He captured Sundae perfectly. What a precious gift it is. 🙂

  6. Sweet story and sweet drawing. He certainly got Sundae’s expressive eyes right!


  7. Bravo!!, Matthew ..
    That’s a spot-on Sundae – & for sure …
    Merry Christmas !

  8. MOL MOL Sundae Matthew did for sure capture your ‘glee(less) pose. Too cute
    Hugs madi and mom

  9. So sweet. Such a special post. Matthew is so talented. Hope you do get to meet Matthew and his family, Dianna!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a treasure and precious gift, Dianna. Matthew has true talent that is certain. Wonderful drawing. A truly blessed Christmas gift. ❤

  11. Sundae you handled your fame quite well. Matthew was so happy to draw a picture of you and gift it to your mommy and motor man. May your Christmas be filled with lots of love and catnip.

  12. Joyce M. Westphal

    What a special gift from a sensitive, talented artistic young man.

  13. How lovely, Sundae! I too remember motor mummy’s sister June from the Knitting Paradise “virtual tea party” gang, and feel that I know Mary and Matthew tho’ I’ve never met them in person. What a special gift, from a very special young man. I’m sure he would like to feel your soft warm fur, certainly looks like it from the drawing.

  14. Oh my goodness, Sundae, tell your Motor Mommy that this one had me reaching for the tissue box too. It is such an incredibly sweet story of kindness and love. Exactly what we all need to start off this Christmas season. And Matthew is one very talented young man. He captured you perfectly! Meowy Christmas season, Sundae!

  15. Incredible talent and deeply touching story – love!! MJ

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