Monday Morning Mews: The Giraffe Shirt

Hi, readers! Sundae here with this week’s mews.

You may recall that Motor Mommy became a huge April, The Giraffe fan last year.  Motor Man even treated her to a trip to Animal Adventure Park in New York in June for her birthday so she could meet April and her family. If you missed her post about their trip, click here.

Motor Mommy is a member of a couple of Facebook groups pertaining to April. Back in November, while shopping at Macy’s, she discovered a holiday shirt with the image of a giraffe placing a star on a Christmas tree.   She bought one and posted a picture of it on one of those FB pages.

Her fellow members just LOVED it. But many of them didn’t have a Macy’s near them (or their Macy’s didn’t have any of the shirts).  And it wasn’t available online.  A couple of the members offered to pay Motor Mommy to buy and send the shirts to them.  So Motor Mommy went to every Macy’s near us and bought the giraffe shirts they had for sale. THEN… she and Motor Man went on a business trip to Indianapolis, and they stopped at several Macy’s stores in West Virginia, Kentucky and Indianpolis to buy those shirts.

I think she probably mailed out about 30 of them all total. After the members began receiving their shirts, they posted pictures of themselves wearing them. So Motor Man took a picture of Motor Mommy wearing her shirt.  AND I got to be in the picture!

That’s all fine and well, and I was quite honored. But, I just have one question: WHY is she not a member of any calico kitty FB groups???   Hmm????

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Monday Morning Mews: The Giraffe Shirt

  1. Well, Sundae does have a a point 🙂
    Cute shirt, and very kind of you to pick them up for your fur-ends!!

  2. Excellent question! Seems to me that those long-necked animals aren’t anywhere NEAR as adorable as we kitties are!

    Hugs, Teddy the Adorable Ginger

  3. Yes–Sundae certainly does have a point. What a sweet mama you have to find those shirts and ship them all out but then it doesn’t surprise me. You have a pretty sweet mama, don’t you?

  4. You had better be careful! That is one dang cute shirt. Pretty soon we may all be wanting you to send us one!

  5. Great shirt! But Sundae steals the show. 😊

  6. Sundae, you do have a little bone of contention BUT you’re still the star on Motor Mommy’s blog and in her photos of you. You have the kindest MM for doing all her friends a favor in buying all those shirts for them. And you outshine that giraffe shirt any day. 🙂

  7. It was sort of a giraffey Christmas !
    Maybe we should start a calico-kitty group !

  8. CRAZY!!!! That shirt was quite the hit!

  9. Thanks so much Sundae for sharing the fun story of Motor parents helping to make the holiday happier for many folks.

  10. That is a great shirt. There is a club for calico cats called Ladies of Autumn, it is a website though not a FB page.

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Love the shirt!!! What a sweet thing you did in founding more shirts. I am sure they appreciate it very much. ❤

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