One Picture, So Many Thoughts

Finding old family photos is always a thrill for me. But rarely does one bring about the feelings that the one did that I’m sharing today.

rose andrew va doris 3-30-2015 2-37-30 PM

The blonde in the forefront is my sister, Rose (Rose Mae, as written on the margin). Behind her, to the left, is my aunt, Doris, my aunt, Virginia, in the center, and her husband, my uncle, Andrew, on the right. Everyone in this picture has since passed on.

But what was intriguing to me when I found this picture was what was written on the back.

roses pic - back 4-5-2015 3-30-47 PM

I “googled” and found that Easter in 1969 was on April 7, meaning this photo was taken on Saturday night, April 6.

Some of you will recall that my sister Rose died as a result of domestic violence. That was on  April 15, 1969. This was, most likely, the last picture taken of her.

Some other thoughts I have about this picture:

The handwriting, I’m fairly certain, is that of my Aunt Lucille, so the “at mother’s” would mean this was taken at my Grandmother’s. But the placement of the door, window and oil stove aren’t familiar to me. I emailed the picture to my sister, June, and she doesn’t know, either.

Although I would have recognized everyone in the picture, I’m so thankful that my aunt made note of the date.

The larger framed picture on the wall is of Bacon’s Castle.

Rose is wearing a pair of brown leather slacks that she’d recently bought. My mom wasn’t too sure about those….

 I wish Rose had been facing the camera.

~These Days Of Mine~

19 responses to “One Picture, So Many Thoughts

  1. What a great old photo……sad that this may have been the last photo taken with Rose in it, but thank heavens you have the photo. Interesting that you don’t recognize the surroundings though……maybe you’ll solve that mystery somehow!


  2. AWW…what a treasure….made me pause. I’m so glad you have the picture.

  3. What sad memories that the picture dredges up but how thankful that you have this picture to cherish now.

  4. I remember that picture but still trying to decide where in the room it was taken!! 1969 was a rough year.

  5. I am glad you have the photo Dianna… sad that it may have been her last picture. Incredibly sad that it even happened.. so sorry. Something so special about photos that have writing on the back. Not many of those anymore with the way we store photos now.

  6. What a treasure, Dianna. I’m happy you discovered it.

  7. I had posted before, but forgot to add the email. Anyway, Precious memories from the old pictures are the best. Reminds you of happy times and all the things you have to be thankful for.

  8. I remember this one. So sad what followed shortly after, & so good that you have this last photo. I smile to see a picture of the Castle on the wall, but I’m trying to figure out what the other one is .. ? ..

  9. Brenda Hodgson

    So glad you have this picture.

  10. My goodness! Isn’t it something that a picture can bring such emotions – happiness and sadness, too. Very sorry about your sister.

  11. Rose seems so cool. Leather pants! What a gift you have in that picture and even the handwriting becomes a treasure. Happy Easter Dianna.

  12. What bittersweet memories that picture must bring up/ Such a treasure.

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree it is a bittersweet picture but at the same time it is truly a blessing to you my friend. ❤

  14. So sad about your sister – and that makes the photograph even more of a treasure.

  15. wow .. just wow. I wished she’d been facing the camera, too.

  16. I can see how this would be an emotional find. I remember when leather pants were “it.” I couldn’t have any because they were “cold in winter and hot in summer.” At least, that’s what I was told. It would have been nice if Rose faced the camera, and so sad this may have been the last photo of her.

  17. How poignant that you found this photo at this time. To have that last photo of your dear sister is precious, even if she isn’t facing the camera, and it is a special gift to you.

  18. This post made me so sad! What a special photo to have! Domestic violence is a horrible tragedy and affects the entire family. I hope whoever took her life paid for it with theirs. I am so glad you shared this.

    I think you and I lost contact back when I was having some issues the year my husband was gone for ten months and I slacked way off on my blogging (2013). I tried to re-contact people I hadn’t heard from in a long time, once I quit being so “down” over the situation, but I missed some and you were one of those. I was so glad I found you again….I told you way back when that Bacon’s Castle is one of my favorite places on earth (and I am so jealous of your connection! 🙂 ) and that my Mom lives near you…Latane of Living Life on main Street. You follow her too, I know. Hope you had a very blessed Easter!

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