Poetic Thursday: We’re All Irish Here

Happy July, everyone! And we’re starting the new month with a little poetry hosted by our friends, Pam and her ginger boys at Two Spoiled Cats. It’s a regular Thursday event that I look forward to each week.

Sometimes my poem practically writes itself, and, at other times, the photo inspiration challenges me. But I consider that to be good exercise for the brain.

This is the photo we were given for this week:

And here’s my poem:

We’re All Irish Here

You don’t have to be Irish, so step right in.
You’ll come as a stranger, but leave as a friend.

There are darts and spirits, and the stories abound.
It’s the meeting spot in most Irish towns.

That old wooden bar hasn’t missed a word;
oh, the jokes and tall tales it must have heard.

Rich in history, but no ghosts to fear:
you’ll quickly learn that we’re all Irish here.

One of Motor Man’s and my favorite restaurants is an Irish pub (Kelly’s Gingernut Pub) in Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. We don’t indulge in the spirits, but we enjoy the food and atmosphere. It’s located in a building that dates to 1907, and was originally a bank.

Marshall joined us there for dinner one evening a few years ago, and we were seated in the vault.

And we took our friend, Donna, there for dinner on another occasion.

Kelly’s is such an interesting place (and the food is great). Most of our visits to Cape Charles have included a meal there.

~These Days Of Mine~


5 responses to “Poetic Thursday: We’re All Irish Here

  1. Great poem, it really captures the spirit of an Irish Pub!

    I loved Kelly’s! Not only was food great, we also ate in the bank vault! AND it was at Cape Charles, the magical place that Dianna and Motor Man introduced me too.
    Win. Win, win!!
    Happy Fourth to you and family!

  2. Another great poem…..We noted in Ireland if you’re in a pub you are always “one of the regulars” – the Irish are such a warm and welcoming bunch of people. We visited Ashe’s Pub in Dingle – a pub with roots back to 1849 and there was a wonderful group playing traditional Irish songs and selling their CD. It’s such fun to listen to and remember. Thanks for playing poetry with us every week!!! I’m sure we’d love that pub in Cape Charles……..


  3. Yes, another great poem ! – the delivery has that sort of “bar-room-pirate-tall-tale” feel – if that makes any sense ! Like I’ve always said, the well-to-do gents and ladies had the grand room in the roadside taverns, but the best stories were to be heard in the “common-room” ……

  4. Poetic Thursday is a regular Thursday even that I look forward to also, and today’s poem is another winner. Our last visit to Cape Charles was before The Pub. Sounds like a quality addition

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We love Cape Charles too! We went to Kelly’s the last time we were there. Awesome place with good food. I love how your poem brought to pub to life!

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