One-Sided Conversation

I honestly never know what I’ll see when I venture out in our yard. Our wildlife menagerie definitely keeps us entertained.

Around the yard in some of our flowerbeds, I have small concrete statues of kitties, rabbits, a deer and these ducks.

One day last week, I heard excessive quacking and went  to investigate:

I was just speechless, and was glad I had my phone nearby to capture this silly moment. I’m not sure how long he stood there quacking at that statue.

~These Days Of Mine~





7 responses to “One-Sided Conversation

  1. Hilarious!!!
    Probably telling concrete goose this was HIS and his family’s yard so BACK OFF!

  2. Oh that really is funny………I’m sure he/she was confused when that concrete duck paid NO attention to him AT ALL!


  3. Can you imagine him trying to tell the other ducks about this … ? ; )

  4. That is just TOO funny!! I think he’s yelling at that concrete duck to move on! I smiled when I saw those stationary ducks – my parents used to have the same ones in their yard when I was a kid.

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Just too funny!!!! Nature at it’s best.

  6. He probably thought she was playing hard to get. Too funny.

  7. Too, Too FUNNY!!! So glad you were able to catch it to share with us. I’m sure he felt better getting that off his chest!

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