Poetic Thursday: Just Imagine

Another Thursday, another poem with Pam and her kitties at Two Spoiled Cats.

This week’s inspirational photo shows the Library of Trinity College in Dublin. Click here to learn more about this library.

Today, I’m dedicating my poem to my dear long-time friend, Janet, a school librarian:

Just Imagine

Just imagine the sentences, verbs and nouns,
the adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns.

Just imagine all that paper and ink:
the story lines that make you think.

Just imagine the thoughts in an author’s head,
and all those books waiting to be read.

Just imagine a rainy day
when the words in a book sweep you away.

Just imagine a trip in your easy chair;
turn the pages, and poof, you’re there.

Just imagine how dark this world would seem
with no art, no songs, no books and no dreams.

~These Days Of Mine~


6 responses to “Poetic Thursday: Just Imagine

  1. This poem especially resonates with me, a lifelong avid reader
    Since my mother read to me as a baby, since my heart raced as a child going to the Bookmobile, and WHY could I only get 8 books! And the joy to this day a bookstore and library give me.
    And the treasures to be found antiquing in treasured old volumes.
    A great poem is one that provokes, and Dianna, yours obviously did! Thanks, enjoyed.

  2. I totally agree…..that’s the feeling I still get – the joy I feel – when I walk into a library. I also enjoy just turning the pages of an actual book which probably makes me old-fashioned since many “listen” to their books with ear buds or headphones these days. Thanks for joining us on Poetry Day!


  3. ” Mrs. Librarian … would you please retrieve for me the volume on the 17th shelf, 26 books in from the right ?? ” ; )

    Another great poem ! -& this picture sort of reminds me of the “memory warehouse” ….

  4. What a Library!!! Just Imagine is the perfect title and theme. That is my rainy day dream. Love the progression of your thoughts.

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