Thank You, God, For Eyes to See


Years ago, my cousin, Lona and I taught preschool at our church. Well, Lona was actually the teacher;  I was her assistant.

When you’re working with 2, 3 and 4-year olds, you have to catch your teaching moments when you can. We didn’t have too much structure in our classroom;  it’s difficult to have a 2-year old sit still for very long to hear a Bible lesson. But we were ever mindful of any opportunity to teach a child about God.

For example, if we saw a child sharing with another, we’d say that God likes it when we share.  We’d make comments like: “Thank You, God, for eyes to see the book”. Or “Thank You, God, for ears to hear the birds sing”. 

For the past couple of weeks, the phrase: “Thank You, God, for eyes to see”,  has crossed my mind so many times as I’ve seen the beautiful colors of fall.

I’m sure the trees have been this pretty in the past, but this year, they seem exceptional.

I know that soon, the day will come when all the leaves will have fallen, and the trees are bare. But for right now….

They’re another reminder to be thankful.

6 responses to “Thank You, God, For Eyes to See

  1. My mom used to teach sign language to the deaf. As I watched their frustration sometimes at the “hearing” world, it made me acutely aware of how fortunate I was to have “ears to hear”and to be understood by others. Now, as a Christian I also ask God to give me “ears to hear” so I don’t tune out His truth and guidance for my life from all the sounds and noise of the world.
    Your pictures are beautiful. I have spent the last couple weeks just driving the country roads eeking out as much time with fall’s majestic displays as possible.

  2. With so many things to be thankful for, how can we complain??? And the colorful trees this time of the year are a constant reminder.

  3. One of the biggest reasons autumn is my favorite time of year.. And we haven’t had one like this in a while…

  4. Absolutely beautiful, and absolutely right!

  5. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I so agree with you, the colors seem brighter and beautiful this year. I
    never remember then being this lovely, but maybe as I grow older I just appreciate God’s beautiful gifts much more. We do have much to give thanksgiving for.

  6. I love the fall foliagel Your pictures are spectacular! Keep up the good work. Thank you God for eyes to see!

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