This Old House


 Old houses, especially abandoned ones, hold a fascination for me. I guess it’s the mystery surrounding each one:  when was it built, who lived there, what were their lives like?

Even in its current condition, look how stately this old house seems. Proud, even though it’s in disrepair, and mostly likely, soon to be demolished. I can imagine children playing on the porch and in the yard in the summertime. And in the winter, waking in the morning and looking out to see if it snowed during the night.

This one was obviously added onto through the years, maybe as more children were born.  Or maybe elderly parents needed to move in.   Think of the storms this old house has weathered.  Think of how cold it was in the winter.

My mother and her family lived in old houses when they were children. My aunt once told me that some winter mornings, she awoke to find snow on her bed.

The chimney on this old house makes me think of the fireplace, and children waiting for Santa to come on Christmas Eve.  He probably put fruit and nuts in their stockings and maybe left one toy for each of them. Such a simpler time.

My Daddy was born in this little red house. Since it’s no longer standing,  I’m glad I have this photo.  I took this from the window of my car years ago.  See the radio antenna?   This house was in the little town I grew up in, so it was a familiar sight.  I wonder if Daddy ever found snow on his bed?

This was my Grandma’s house*. She operated a little country store in the front and lived in the back.  Since my Mom and I lived nearby, we visited her everyday.

My grandparents moved here in their later years. Being the parents of twelve children, it seems that someone in the family was always visiting.   I hope one day to find a picture of it that was taken when she lived there. 

 No mystery surrounding this old house*.  Just more memories than I can count.

*photos by my sister-in-law, Carolyn.

13 responses to “This Old House

  1. It’s a shame you didn’t have a picture of the farm-house Grandma and Grandaddy lived in before moving to the store.
    Loved seeing those old houses. Thanks.

  2. I love these houses Diane. What was the last one? That first pic sure looks like a water color that I bought from a local artist in Isle of Wight. How did you get the snow to fall?

  3. I know old and these pictures are outstanding. I also love the old house picture you gave me for my birthday last year. So charming.

  4. Old houses are amazing, for all the reasons you’ve mentioned here. I hate to see any of them come down, and I’m glad we got pics of the first one on Thanksgiving day.. Love the snow…!

  5. I have actually dreamed about the house/store your Grandma lived in. I remember seeing it driving through Bacon’s Castle but I didn’t know your Grandma lived there at one time. Don’t know why it was in a dream of mine and don’t remember much about the dream

  6. Can you tell me if this house is the one Ben & Doris lived in before moving to Rushmere? Love you, A. Betty

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I remember the pictures of the last 3 houses & store in Bacons Castle, but did not know your Father or your Grandparents lived in them. My family and I went past these places many times. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great pictures. I love old houses. I’m a sucker for old barns, too.

  9. I love old houses…. they have so much more beauty and history…. it reminds me of stories my mom told about when her and my dad were first married and lived in an old tiny house, and stories my aunts told about very hard times on the farm..these homes may have lacked a lot of things, but they didn’t lack love…

  10. This house and this story are haunting. I love your approach using your imagination to bring the old crumbling houses to life. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. Sebastian Morris

    Lovely pictures. I can remember visiting Grandma Ellis at the store. Thanks for posting them.

  12. Hello! I stumbled on your wonderful pictures as I was searching for images of old houses to help me present an upcoming freshman English Composition class I’m teaching in the fall. I loved the first one so much that I am designing my classroom presentations around it. I’m also just interested in old houses myself–and wonder if there is any story behind that first house that I could share with my class. Thanks so much!
    By the way, here is a link to the presentation I’m working on (in progress!).

  13. Old houses capture my imagination too–mystery and intrigue!.
    Wondering about the life they must have known, before they fell into crumbling silence.

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