Snow Bank

In February, 1989, my mother was staying with us, while she was recuperating from an illness.  One day she looked out at the clouds, and announced: “Papa used to call that a snow bank.  We’re going to get a heavy snow.”

Later that day, it started snowing.  When it stopped, we had over 15 inches.

My Granddaddy was a farmer, and was probably better at predicting the weather than our modern day meteorologists with their super duper triple dopplar gadgetry.

This past Saturday, I happened to notice this.

Is that……could it possibly be…..a snow bank?  After all, the meteorologists with their super duper triple dopplar gadgetry were predicting some snow for us that night.

Sunday morning, this was our snowfall.

In case you missed it, here’s another view.

Obviously that wasn’t a snow bank.

And obviously, I’m not as good at predicting the weather as my Mom and Granddaddy.

But I may be on par with the meteorologists.

3 responses to “Snow Bank

  1. We had a little more than you but it was gone in no time. I love your snow in your pictures.

  2. I remember that announcement that day, and I remember talking about it many times since then. And even though that first pic wasn’t of a snow bank, it’s still a cool picture!

  3. Dianne:
    Thank you so much for forwarding the link to your blog. My love for the black swan may have been the reason you forwarded this to me, but I will be a faithful reader every day from this day forward. Your pictures are breathtaking and your comments so refreshingly simple. Keep the news coming!!

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