New Year’s Baby


Motor Man is a New Year’s baby. His birthday is today.

This is one of the earliest pictures we have of him.

Interested in cars – even at that age.

“If I could just reach that engine, I’d tweak on it  and make this thing a hot rod. One of these days… of these days, I’m gonna build engines for race cars and race boats. But right now, I need someone to come help me down off this running board.”

Happy Birthday, Motor Man.   I love you.

7 responses to “New Year’s Baby

  1. Happy Birthday, Motor Man! Nice pic.

  2. Love this pictures….and since he IS the Motor Man, it’s the ideal setting!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. 🙂 Adorable pic! I thought he looked familiar when I met him. He looks like the New Year’s baby you always see with the ribbon banner across his chest!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Motor Man !!!

  5. what is the make and model of the car in hte picture?

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Hope you had a great “B” Day Motor Man.

  7. Brenda, my father-in-law says it’s a ’36 Chevrolet.

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