For You, Susie


My neighbor, Susie, doesn’t “do” mornings. I, on the other hand, am rarely still in bed at 6:30.  Once, when I posted a picture of a sunrise on Facebook, Susie left a comment: “oh, so that’s what it looks like”.

So I feel that it’s my official duty to document amazing sunrises for Susie.

This was the sunrise last Tuesday morning.  When I open the curtains and see the sky looking this beautiful, I don’t walk: I run for the camera.

I take my duty as Susie’s sunrise documenter very seriously.

And I’m sure Susie won’t mind if I capture the sunrise for you, too. Just in case you don’t “do” mornings either. (You don’t know what you’re missing.)

8 responses to “For You, Susie

  1. Lisabeth Nadine Olson

    My dawns are under the udder, so I appreciate your morning also even though I don’t spend all dawns there for long. I have only 2 cows I milk.

  2. Thanks for being there with a camera for me Diane! Is there something I can do for you after midnight?

  3. Beautiful pictures once again! And what a great vantage point for the best sunrises!!

  4. Absolutely stunning. Aren’t sunrises beautiful!

  5. I “do” mornings — but they aren’t as beautiful around here as they are around there!!! Gorgeous pictures

  6. It’s a shame you missed this morning’s sunrise. Even from my little window on the sky, it was spectacular! Usually I don’t see the beautiful view of the sunrise that you show us.

  7. The clouds looked like a red mountain range! Beautiful!

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Beautiful!!!!! Breath taking. You do not see sun rises like that where I live in Va Beach.

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