Today’s Lesson


Sorry: no scenic photos or family pictures on my blog today.  Today’s entry falls in the instructional category.

 I’m fairly new to writing a blog, and I know that a few of my readers are very new to reading a blog.  You know who you are, so I won’t name names.

That being said,  today I’m going to explain a few features of my simple little blog. I’ll use my recent post about Motor Man’s birthday on Saturday as a model. By the way, we had a very nice celebration.

Below the seasonal photo (currently snow) on the right, there’s a calendar. If a date is highlighted, there was a blog entry published on that day.  Below the calendar is the subscription link. If you enjoy my blog (and I really hope you do!), subscribing to it is a good way to be sure you don’t miss a post.  Just click on “Sign me up” and enter your e-mail address. You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail which requires clicking on another link. Then you’ll receive an e-mail when there’s a new entry on These Days!

If you’d like to catch up on previous posts that you may have missed (you really should subscribe!), there are a couple of places that allow you to do that.  One being the calendar shown above, the other being the archives located at the bottom of the post.

 I saved the topic of comments for last. I can’t speak for all bloggers, of course, but I enjoy reading comments left by readers. It’s a nice little means of communication. Some readers are hesitant about leaving a comment, because doing so requires that you enter your e-mail address. But this isn’t made public – it’s visible to me, but not to other readers. So feel free to leave comments! There are  two links that will take you to a comment page. The first being at the top of the post, beside the date.

And another at the bottom of the screen.

To the left of the comments link, you will see “Share this”, which allows you to “share” this post either on Facebook or by sending it to someone’s e-mail address.

That concludes today’s lesson on blogs. There will be a test on Monday.  And, scenic and family pictures will return soon.

5 responses to “Today’s Lesson

  1. Well, darn! If I’d known there’d be a test, I would have taken notes! LOL!

  2. I think I can pass the test… we’ll see…

  3. Hello there!

    Jumped from your comment to your blog… 🙂

    So glad my problem at the WordPress forum helped you! It drove me absolutely crazy when it happened to me.

    Have fun with your blog, I do think lots of people are afraid of leaving comments because they must provide their email address, but the truth is – even with that, there’s a lot of spam going around and if we don’t ask for an email, our blogs would get bombarded by bogus messages…. I guess some people have way too much time in their hands! 😉

  4. Lisabeth Nadine Olson

    Yeah, I got smarter today and it isn’t even time to milk the cows yet this morning. I didn’t know about the share, Thank you. Okay, so I’m new to blogs. I really enjoy yours and CITR, Henway and a few others.

  5. Hey June, Did you ever have Mrs. Haff for a teacher? She used to say in her somewhat warbly voice, “Class, we’ll be having a pop quiz tomorrow.” Apparently noone ever clued her in that a pop quiz was supposed to be a surprise.

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