What Will He Think of Next


My husband is a kidder, a joker.  No one is safe from his practical jokes.  And it isn’t just practical jokes. He really enjoys doing things to make people laugh.

Imagine walking into a room where you know your husband is resting, and seeing this.

One Christmas, Santa brought a new toy to our kitty, Beezy. And Motor Man played with it before Beezy did.

 This next picture was taken on my birthday. A friend had given me the little tiara earlier in the day.  I don’t remember the details, but I had accidentally bumped Motor Man in the face. I tell you: it was just a little tap.  He went in another room and  fabricated this “bruise”. With ink.  Ink that “we” had a difficult time removing.

Crayons in his ears at a restaurant with my nephew, Connor.  Yes, it was a child-friendly establishment.

All jokes aside, he finds interesting ways to show that he loves me.  In the form of cheese toast, perhaps.

Or leaving me a love note on an egg that I’m going to cook for breakfast.

Or jewelry, as in this 6 “carrot” ring he gave me one year for Valentine’s Day.

The man is dangerous. But so much fun.

10 responses to “What Will He Think of Next

  1. I didn’t know you had a 6 carrot ring…I’m impressed! I just don’t understand why you never wear it out in public. Perhaps you only wear it to formals? (jk…love the humor – makes for great memories and the laughter keeps you young!)

  2. You forgot to mention that Motor Man can tell you a joke so seriously that you believe every word until he gets to the punch line. And you know he got you again!!

  3. Quite the kidder .. but there are ways ( or 1 way, at least ) to tell if you’re about to be “had” … but I won’t reveal it … So watch out !

  4. Yeah, and it is fun being the subject of all that ridicule. He is one funny man and we love him dearly. He loves to tell stories about someone, huh JR?

  5. BAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The pic intrigued me so much I had to stop ‘saving for my blogfest’!
    How ’bout your million dollar stamp collection?

  6. I love the ring!!

  7. Love it…especially the ring! Glad you shared this….I chuckled at each one….thanks. I found you on CITR, hope you come to visit some time at http://nothinbutcountryliving.blogspot.com or http://lindasphotofarm.blogspot.com


  8. Looking for the piebox hat!!

  9. Ha Ha! I love the ring. Looks like you guys have great fun together 🙂

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What great fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

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