Got Shades?


First of all, let me say that unless it’s night-time or the dreariest, darkest of days, I really have to wear sunglasses everytime I go outside.

But let me also say that I do not buy expensive sunglasses. Mine all come from the Dollar General, where I pay from $3 – $5 per pair. I do this because I’m really not careful with my sunglasses and usually just toss them in my purse, unprotected. Soon they’re covered with scratches, and I go to Dollar General and buy another pair.

That being said, a couple of days ago, Motor Man and I went in search of the little USB cable for our handheld GPS. Our search led us to the console and glove compartment of my car. Where we uncovered this:

No less than seven pair of sunglasses, with varying degrees of scratches. This didn’t include the pair in the sunglass holder above the rearview mirror, or the pair in my purse, or the two pair in Motor Man’s pick-up.

Upon finding all these sunglasses, Motor Man made the comment that had we been involved in an auto accident, emergency personnel would have been frantically searching for the other eight people in the vehicle.

We never did find the USB cable.

6 responses to “Got Shades?

  1. Leave it to JR to have a different outlook than most people. He should be glad …. if he ever needs a pr. of sunglasses, he won’t have to buy any!!

  2. I’m surprised he didn’t pull a BO, and talk about all the money you spend on them even though you don’t pay much for them there is at least $30. to $50. Sorry, guess the BO came out in Lisabeth

  3. ROFL!!!!! Million dollars worth of sunglasses, million dollars worth of stamps. you spend WAAAYYY too much money

  4. I must have a pair when I walk outside, too. I only have one pair, but they somehow manage to survive day after day. Cheap sunglasses rule ….!

  5. You taught me the Golden Rule – Buy cheap and put a pair anywhere you may need them. I guess the car is as good a place as any!

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