Smile Photo- Prissy & Prissier


The last couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing some photos that always make me smile.

Here’s another.

It’s a picture of my cousin, Lona, (on the left) and me. We were probably around two years old when this was taken. One of us is about six weeks older than the other; mum’s the word on who’s older.

This was taken in the yard at my Grandma’s little store in Bacon’s Castle. That’s Grandma’s car in the background. I’m guessing that my Daddy made the adirondack chair we’re standing in; he was famous for those chairs.

These are things I wonder about when I look at this picture and smile:

Why is there a towel or some sort of cloth in the chair under our feet? Maybe to keep our shoes from scratching the paint? I can’t imagine that Grandma or either of our Mamas were that particular about the chair.

And what in the world do you suppose we were laughing at?

I wonder who took the photo. Definitely someone in the family. And I wonder if they posed us with our hands and arms in the same position, or if that was happenstance?

I won’t ever know those answers.  I just know that Lona and I are still sharing laughs all these years later.

Just another picture that makes me smile. Every time.

8 responses to “Smile Photo- Prissy & Prissier

  1. That picture would make anyone smile! I imagine the towel was to protect the chair from dirty shoes so whoever sat in it wouldn’t get their clothes dirty. And you’re right about Daddy making the chair…he was the first one to curve the outer edge of the chair so the sharp edge of the last board wouldn’t cut into your leg when you sat in it. He should have patented the idea! Then we’d be rich…Yeah, RIGHT!!! LOL! Another smile for you…

  2. This one makes me smile too. Such a sweet picture.

  3. Another great pic … and it’s also great that the two of you are still making new laughs together!!!

  4. That is adorable! All frills, curls and glee. 🙂

  5. What a great picture. I too love old photos. I did my neighborly deed for the day.

  6. Definitely a smiler!

  7. Oh my! Who wouldn’t smile at that 🙂

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Having you as a friend in Surry and Lona May a friend when we moved to Smithfield, what a small world. She was a good friend, please give her my best. Oh, and the pic is priceless!!!!!!!!!

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