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The Opposite Of Dreary


Our weather this week has been dreary and damp. The temperature, though not so low on the thermometer, has had a bone-chilling feel.  So I’ve been looking back at some of the sunrise pictures on my computer and imagining warmer weather.

During the summer, the sun rises directly across the river from our house. I love to open the curtains first thing in the morning and see the sun just peeping over the horizon.

If Motor Man is still in bed, he knows how photo-worthy the sunrise is by how quickly I run for the camera.

Sometimes the colors of the sky are so dramatic.

And other times, they’re very subtle.

Wait…..what is this?  We have an imposter! This is not a sunrise: it’s a moonrise!


Smile Photo: Marshall’s First Car

Last week I posted a picture that makes me smile whenever I see it. And since no one complained, I’m sharing another one of those pictures this week.

When my son, Marshall, was eighteen months old, Santa brought him…..(game show announcer voice)…  “A NEW CAR”!!  I wish it had come with an odometer. It would be nice to know how many miles he “drove” that little car. Note: although this is an adorable picture, it isn’t the smile photo.

It was the same Christmas that his “Goggie”, my mom, made that snazzy little blue robe for him. Goggie’s sitting in the rocker in the background.

Miles and miles all around the house, he drove that little car. Not one oil change, and we never had to replace the tires. And since it was powered by a Fred Flintstone-type motor, we never had engine problems. Note:  this is a cute picture, but the smile photo is still to come.

One day, Marshall was suspiciously quiet, and I went to check on him.  This is what I found.

Somehow he had managed to put the car in this little crib (NOT the one he was sleeping in at the time), climb into the crib and then get in the driver’s seat. And from the look on his face, he was rather proud of himself.

THIS is the picture that makes me smile. Every time.

What Will He Think of Next


My husband is a kidder, a joker.  No one is safe from his practical jokes.  And it isn’t just practical jokes. He really enjoys doing things to make people laugh.

Imagine walking into a room where you know your husband is resting, and seeing this.

One Christmas, Santa brought a new toy to our kitty, Beezy. And Motor Man played with it before Beezy did.

 This next picture was taken on my birthday. A friend had given me the little tiara earlier in the day.  I don’t remember the details, but I had accidentally bumped Motor Man in the face. I tell you: it was just a little tap.  He went in another room and  fabricated this “bruise”. With ink.  Ink that “we” had a difficult time removing.

Crayons in his ears at a restaurant with my nephew, Connor.  Yes, it was a child-friendly establishment.

All jokes aside, he finds interesting ways to show that he loves me.  In the form of cheese toast, perhaps.

Or leaving me a love note on an egg that I’m going to cook for breakfast.

Or jewelry, as in this 6 “carrot” ring he gave me one year for Valentine’s Day.

The man is dangerous. But so much fun.

You’re a Natural!


Today’s word in the 365 Words in Photos challenge is natural.

The word ‘natural’ has 31 definitions! My photo is best described by this one:

–of or pertaining to nature or the universe: natural beauty

Here’s my photo. 

Mama and Daddy Canada goose and babies in our yard.

Oh, Deer


Excuse me, I have dinner reservations. Is my table ready?

I love a restaurant with waterfront dining. For starters, I’ll just have a little salad.

Uh-oh. Is that the paparazzi? How did they find me here?

Maybe I can lose ’em.

I think I can outrun ’em.

Yeah! Let’s see them do THIS!

Whew! That was close!  I may have to go into seclusion.

I should have ordered that meal to-go.

365 Words – Great Idea!


One of the blogs I follow is Cabin Fever in Vermont. I love Jen’s photography, and now she has created a new blog: 365 Words Through Photos.  I think this is a wonderful idea. Each day, she uses a “random word generator”  to provide the one-word motivation for that day’s photo.

I just discovered this new blog yesterday, and I thought it would be fun to participate once in awhile – even though I am 15 words and photos late.

Today’s word is fluid.  This is the definition:

 noun 1.  a substance, as a liquid or gas, that is capable of flowing and that changes its shape at a steady rate when acted upon by a force tending to change its shape.

This is my photo for the word “fluid”.  Pretty easy one for me:  the Pagan River, taken from our deck .

The Darkening


If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know about my fondness for – and my family connections to – Bacon’s Castle.  She has been the subject of several of my posts.

First, there was the introduction.  Then the Twilight Tour, held at the Castle on Halloween weekend. And perhaps my favorite, Bacon’s Castle in December during a snowstorm.

A meeting was held this week, and staff members were advised by the owners of the Castle that it would be “darkened” for 12-24 months.

Preservation Virginia issued a press release stating it “has elected to close Bacon’s Castle for twelve to twenty four months to begin work on several major strategic planning and maintenance initiatives.”

Godspeed, Preservation Virginia, with this project.

For those of us who love her, the darkening of Bacon’s Castle is cause for sadness. We all hope her lights are on again very soon, and that she will shine brighter than ever before.