The Same Year’s Children

When I was growing up, that was a phrase I heard my mom say many times: “They’re the same year’s children”. Meaning, of course, that said children were born in the same year.

My cousins, Lona and Christine, and I were the “same year’s children”. Lona was born in April, I came along in June, and Christine was born in December.

This was taken during the summer of the following year. No, I’m not going to say what year it was.

That’s my mom holding me on the left.  In the center is my aunt Betty holding her daughter, Christine, and my aunt Doris is on the right, holding her daughter, Lona.

This was taken in front of my grandmother’s little country store. Mom and I lived within a half mile of Grandma, and Lona and her family lived about five miles away. But Christine and her family lived in Pennsylvania, and they only came to visit for one week during the summer.

 I love that all three of the moms are wearing June Cleaver-type dresses.

I love that, although the little town has changed quite a bit since then, I could show you the exact spot where this picture was taken. The scenery in the background, although fairly nondescript, gives it  away.

My mom, Aunt Doris and Christine have passed on. Aunt Betty still lives in Pennsylvania. Lona and I visited yesterday.

And time marches on.

22 responses to “The Same Year’s Children

  1. I’ve always loved this picture and the one of Bennie, Stanley and Thomas holding y’all. Guess Thomas was a “stand-in” dad for you on that day. I wonder if they were taken at the same time? Never thought of it before.

  2. Aww so cute! I love when I see photos with some places I love and could see them completely the same today. They just return all that memories! :))

  3. It’s amazing that…that spot has not changed.

  4. Lovely photo – I’m a big fan of dresses and skirts so I appreciate their apparel! I having ‘matching cousins’ on both sides of my family! And when I was expecting my first child, two of my sisters-in-law were also expecting! Now those cousins are very close!

  5. I love all your stories and pictures of our lovely family. This and the one with the uncles’ holding you three, I have never seen… I am sure there are others……………..jj

  6. oh, this is so sweet! love the june cleaverness of it. sad when you lose a cousin or sibling from your generation before the elders. no parent should ever have to lose a child…

  7. I never heard that expression, same year’s children. I was one of three girl cousins born to three sisters. There are pics of us girls together, but never with the moms or dads…hmmm. Love this!

  8. The first thing I noticed was their dresses and wondered if this is how they dressed everyday or if it was a special occasion.

  9. The family pics are always a treat .. I’m trying to see if I can “name the spot” that hasn’t changed much, but I’m not sure if I have it just right!

  10. I just love when you highlight old photos. They are so neat to look back on. I’ve never heard “same year’s children” expression, but I have heard the term “Irish twins” to siblings born in the same year. Learn something new everyday!

  11. Always love old family pics … simplier times!

  12. The dresses were the first thing that caught my eye, and I thought “Donna Reed.” There aren’t too many landscapes recognizable as time passes. I miss that about a smaller town. I’ve never heard the phrase ‘same year’s children,’ either.

  13. you have that deep love of family!!! are these “everday” clothes or was this a special occasion???

  14. That is just so nice that you and Lona can still visit. I imagine you looked forward to Christine’s visit each year. We had cousins who lived in AZ and loved having them come; we tried to imitate the way they talked. 🙂

  15. What a nice post and tribute to family. =)

  16. Great family photo!! June and Rose would visit Joanne and Betty during the summer and my sister Mearl and I would get together with them to have some fun. We could go to Martha’s house thru the woods.

  17. To those of you who asked if this was the way our Moms dressed everyday or if it was a special occasion: I would imagine that it might have been a Sunday. Our family led very simple lives: work all week, then church and visiting family on Sundays.

  18. thanks dianna. xo

  19. I love the old photos that show a simpler and slower life. I think about it sometimes, wishing we were living those days again. But then I look at the dresses and think of all the ironing! That puts a stop to wanting to go back to that “simpler” life. It’s nice that you have cousins that you still get to visit with. Have a nice evening.

  20. Just a wonderful pictures of when times were good.

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Love the picture! Hope Lona is doing better. Please give her my best.

  22. I just love old black and white photo’s. Those outfits are great. Very ‘Mad Men’. It’s nice that you and your cousin live close enough to visit. All my cousins live really far away now, but it makes visits extra special.

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