The Story Behind The Six Words

Today, I’m once again linking up to Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop.  My prompt this week is:

1.) Last week you chose a 6 word memoir to share…this week, elaborate. Tell us the story or thought process behind the sentence you wrote.

You may recall that last week, I wrote six words about this photo:

My six word memoir was:   Fourteen. Life is waiting. Let’s go.

This picture was taken (obviously) the summer I was fourteen. It was just before my first double date. My friend, Diane’s, mom drove the four of us to a nearby arcade. When my “date”, Johnnie, discovered that I didn’t know how to play pool, he offered to show me. Being the shy, withdrawn, “don’t want to draw any attention to myself” teenager that I was, I declined. You can imagine what a fun date I was. Not.

The car I’m standing in front of belonged to my late sister, Rose. It was a Buick Special and was the last car she owned. If you missed my post about her, you can read it here. I think she was really looking forward to me becoming an adult.

When I first chose to write about this photo, I hadn’t noticed the swing set in the background.  Several of my readers commented on it (in reference to my six words), saying that perhaps it symbolized leaving childhood behind.  Since I basically grew up with my nieces and nephews, I have memories of many happy hours spent with them on those swings.

And if you look closely, you can see a ’57 Chevy on the highway in the background. That has nothing to do with my six-word memoir, but I still thought it was interesting.

And now you know the rest of the story.

Mama’s Losin’ It

19 responses to “The Story Behind The Six Words

  1. Losing Rose was a tragic time for all of us and, of course, we will never forget her.
    But it was such a joy to see you blossom into the beautiful woman you are and to know I still have one beautiful, thoughtful sister.
    Love you, Little Sis!

  2. Isn’t it amazing what we can see and connect when we take time? You really see and make the most interesting connections: first double date. Buick, swing set. Love it. Great follow up.

  3. This was a great follow up post. I’m so, so sorry at the loss of your sister, Rose. I love the was you connected everything.

  4. *way* sorry for my typo.

  5. Aww, I love this photo and the fact you denied your first date pool. I would’ve done the same at 14! Great post for getting to know you better 🙂

  6. I’m glad that you elaborated, and I’m glad you told me which direction the highway was…. I knew where you were, but couldn’t quite “picture it” ’til now … & the last time I played pool, my opponent brought her own cue … ouch …. That’s being prepared ….

  7. (laughing at Marshall’s comment about his pool playing hustler bringing her own cue…)

    that was great to tie all the pieces together in that photo. i hadn’t noticed the swingset but it was rather poignant, wasn’t it? 🙂

  8. funny how the people viewing this saw more the the person posting it!! you have some awesome followers who are really enhancing your story!!

    it is a picture that tells the whole story. i had not noticed the swingset either but it became an interesting, important part of the story!!!

  9. Beautiful, the way your picture ties in leaving your childhood behind and being thrust into adulthood. You look very poised, ready for life’s challenges. So sorry about your sister but it sounds like you and your family have a found a way to live with it.

  10. Finally!!! Reading your blog again! Great post and love the story behind the photo! I love when you link up to Mama Kats… I like her prompts she gives you guys.

  11. Oh wow I love this detail and story you provide to the photo. I also read the blog post on Rose and now am crying. Love how this photo captures so much for you.

  12. You know, it’s so funny to look at this picture. It makes me really wonder and think about how different dating is today. Girls start dating way before 14 (which is hard to believe, they are babies!). I wonder how different dating must have been before the ‘nothing is too much’ sort of speak trend that I grew up with. I was just discussing with my girlfriends how different dating is, and the men, we are dating today (being in our early 20s) and how it is difficult to find a gentlemen (nowadays – men expect A LOT of the first date – as if, right!?). Great picture – it is truly beautiful! I have a Chevy myself :P…

  13. Reminded me of my first date, if you can call it that! with my best friend, Michelle, and two boys who took us to a pool hall/arcade, walked in front of us and didn’t even hold the door!

    Thanks for telling us the rest of the story!

  14. Love the glimpse of you! Wish I would have had the guts at 14 to tell someone I didn’t want to do/try something…always felt like I had to fit in ~

  15. I didn’t know about your sister, Rose, until now. That was a lovely post you wrote about her in April. My heart goes out to you and your family. I can’t imagine what you have gone through.
    I didn’t notice the swing set last time, either, only how much you still look like that young lady. My dad had a ’57 Chevy, drove it until it rusted to pieces.

  16. I missed so many of the background details when I first looked at the photo because I was so struck by what a beauty you were at 14! Not at all gawky like I was. Then I clicked over to your post about your sister and realized that beauty runs in the family. How tragic to lose her.

  17. Wow, I love these “behind the six word memoir” posts (I did the same!). Your “no pool for me thank you” deal reminds me of how I felt going to amusement parks – the guy I adored was a huge roller coaster fan, as was another girl who adored HIM. I couldn’t bring up the courage to do the coasters and felt it was very unjust for him to not appreciate fearful me. Like a 14 year old gets justice of that kind! 🙂

  18. I read your post about Rose. I’m so sorry you and your family suffered such a tragedy. I better understand “these days of mine”.

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    By any chance was your friend Diane Johnson and her Mother? I don’t know if you remember but Diane and I were
    good friends also. I would love to get in touch with her again. It has been so great getting back with you and some of the other gang. The more the merrier 😉

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