Sunset Raindrops

For the second time in less than a week, we had a gentle rain, lasting for a few hours, on Friday afternoon.

Since I seem to have an internal clock set for that time of day, I checked for the sunset –  “just in case”.  And there it was.

As I neared the water’s edge, I could see raindrops on the water.

It was very peaceful, although I was caught in a juggling act of fighting off May flies and protecting my camera from the rain.

The rain definitely made this sunset different.

13 responses to “Sunset Raindrops

  1. You are really dedicated. But the storm and rain were much later last night!!! I know it messed up the racing.

  2. oh, i’d love to see some raindrops on our pond. alas… ’tis summer in Texas…

  3. beautiful….i can feel the warmth. you have a great view there!!!

  4. I just love raindrops on water. Great shots!

  5. There’s just something about ripples at sundown ..

  6. Lovely images as usual, Dianna. And super congratulations on being pressed again! 🙂

  7. That last picture is just so very pretty! Great capture Dianna.
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Wow these are great pictures. When my husband and I first got together there was was a sunset, my first one EVER, and we kissed right there in the park as if no one was around. It was great. Again…love the pics. :0)

  9. Love your pictures! Wish we could get some rain! Our tomato plants are thirsty! Well, along with everything else!

  10. Nice pictures, hope you didn’t melt!

  11. Another beautiful picture! I’d love to see a sunset in the rain!

  12. As usual; lovely pictures. Proud to see you in the Daily Press, again. Love you and keep doing all the lovely work………

  13. Love the raindrops on the water! Such cool shots!

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