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Chessie And Peake

This post is an entry in the Best Treasure Find link-up over at Two Bears Farm.

Are you familiar with the Chessie kitten? Beginning in 1933, she was the symbol of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. If you’re interested, here’s a link with Chessie’s history.

Years ago, I fell in love with Chessie and even stitched a needlework picture of her for Marshall’s room before he was born.  He’s probably around four or five in this picture. And there’s the Chessie picture on the wall.

A few months ago, in a little thrift shop, I found an old picture of Chessie.

And a matching one of Peake, “Chessie’s Old Man”.

These were probably in a set of three, which would have included a picture of Chessie’s kittens, Nip and Tuck. The pictures are both 8 x 10’s, and I paid $10 for each of them. So far, I haven’t taken them anywhere to be appraised. The seal from the cabinet shop in Portsmouth, Virginia, where they were framed is on the back of each picture. The phone number shown for the shop is 2936-J. 

So they’re definitely old. And one day I may find out that they weren’t the deal that I thought they were. But even if that should happen, they’d still be a “treasured find” to me.