Daily Archives: July 1, 2011

Random Post With A Guest Appearance

I’ve never written a random post before. But there’s a first time for everything, I suppose.  Today, I decided to just choose a  few recent photos from my computer and write about them.

This old barn isn’t far from our house.  We pass by it when we go to Motor Man’s parents’ house.  This winter wheat crop was harvested a couple of days after I took this photo.

Storm clouds over the marina as a morning storm approached.

A calm sunset from last month.  Groom swan and the ducks are usually around at that time of day. See that “stick” in the water? We have no idea why it’s there, unless it’s to alert boaters of a hazard in the water. It seems to be in most of my sunset pictures.

Guest appearance alert: One morning a few weeks ago, I had gone out on the deck to take pictures of the sunrise. As I started back in the house, I discovered that Sundae was also enjoying the view. This picture was published in the Sunday pet section of our local paper a couple of weeks later. I hope the fame doesn’t go to her head.

I think I like this random post idea. This might be fun every once in awhile.

 Oops. It appears we have a problem.

Now what?  Is Sundae bored with this random post? Or perhaps she’s demanding royalties?