Daily Archives: July 5, 2011

Birthday Twins

Marilyn is my birthday twin. We were born on June 4.

Of the same year.

In the same hospital.

Our mothers were in the same room. They were acquaintances even before that. On the night we were born, my mom was in the delivery room, but, apparently, I was in no hurry. So they wheeled my mom out and brought in Marilyn’s mom. I think Marilyn is about a half hour older than me.

She was at my first  birthday party.

We started first grade together.

We went through elementary and high school in the same class. These were our junior class pictures, scanned from the yearbook.

We graduated on our 18th birthday.

It’s probably been twenty-plus years we’ve seen each other. Marilyn now lives about five hours away, but we reconnected about a year ago on Facebook.  Last week, she sent me a message that she would be in town over the weekend and wondered if we could get together.

We did. And, boy, oh boy, did we have a lot of catching up to do. We managed to stop talking long enough to have a picture taken.

We don’t plan to let another twenty years go by without visiting again. Birthday twins should see each other more often than that.