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A Grown-Up Decision

For Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop today, I chose this prompt:

1.) A moment you realized your child was growing up.

When my son, Marshall, was eleven, my mom went to live in a convalescent home. Thankfully, we lived just a few minutes away, so I was able to visit her every night.  Most nights, Marshall went with me.  He got to know most of the staff and many of the residents. He had lots of adopted grandparents!

As his twelfth birthday neared, I asked Marshall how he would like to celebrate.  His birthday celebrations were typically simple backyard cake-and-ice cream parties or maybe pizza with a few of his friends. And I thought this year would probably be the same.

But for this birthday, Marshall surprised me with quite a grown-up request.

He asked to celebrate it at the convalescent home. And, other than immediate family,  he only wanted to invite the friends he had made there at the home.

But the most important reason for this decision? So his Goggie could be there for his birthday.

I love the love in this picture.

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