Daily Archives: July 25, 2011

On The Road Again

A couple of weekends ago, Motor Man and I traveled with our friends, Bev and Bill, to Connecticut.  The main reason for our visit was to take the Essex Steam Train/Riverboat Excursion. (I’ve mentioned before that we have hobo blood flowing through our veins. And it seems that our friends do, too.)

This sign was the official way of letting us know that we were going to get dirty. It didn’t deter us, though. The weather was too gorgeous for us not to sit in the open car.

Our trip took us along the Connecticut River.  Are you able to tell from the picture how beautiful the day was?

Our husbands – enjoying the trip. 

And their hobo-wives, doing the same. I’m guessing that you can probably tell which one of us is the blogger, and which one is the beach-lover. Need a little more time?

About a half-hour into our ride, the train stopped. Tomorrow I’ll tell you why.