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Through The Window

For today’s Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop, I chose the prompt:

1.) Write about a time you had to crawl through a window.

The only time I recall having to crawl through a window involves my friend, Bev.

(Bev and me, years after the window incident.)

I’ve mentioned that we go back a long way.

The window episode happened during the winter of 1986-87.  Thankfully, there are no pictures.  Bev, her husband and their young son lived a couple houses down the street from us. At the time this story took place, Bev was probably five or six months pregnant with their second  child.

Early one morning, Bev knocked on my door. She was in her pj’s and robe. Her son was in pre-school, and when his ride had come that morning, she had gone out to see him off to school.

And locked herself out of the house.

Her husband was working out of town. I can’t really say that I was her only hope, but I was the nearest person to come to for help. There was one window in their house that wasn’t locked. It was the one over the kitchen sink, and even though it wasn’t a second story window, it wasn’t on ground level either.

My memory gets a little fuzzy here (it was a long time ago). I don’t recall whether I used a ladder or climbed on a garbage can. But somehow I climbed up to the window. And for some reason, perhaps because I wasn’t accustomed to climbing into windows, I went in backside first. And, although I don’t recall exactly how it happened, my backside landed right in the kitchen sink, where her breakfast dishes were soaking.

This story sounds preposterous, but that’s really the way it happened. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Of course, Bev was still standing on the ground below the window. So I had to yell down to her and explain that my bottom was in her frying pan. That set off a giggling fit for both of us that made it almost impossible for me to pull myself up out of the sink.

 That girl owes me.

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