Daily Archives: July 15, 2011

Pizza, Cake And Wednesdays

Take a look at this photo:

So, what do you think? Pretty good looking pizza?

Look again. It’s a cake.

I made it several years ago for a dear friend that I’ll refer to simply as “C”. He came to America from Italy as a young man. Although he loved his homeland, he was proud to be an American (long before the song was written). “C” was a hard worker and many years ago,  began a chain of local Italian restaurants.

Last week, “C” passed away unexpectedly from complications following surgery. Everyone is still in shock over how quickly it happened.

You may recall that I mentioned some time ago that Motor Man and I have dinner every Wednesday night with two other couples. We always meet at “C’s” restaurant.  Since he was retired, he wasn’t there every week when we had dinner, but if he was, he would always come and sit with us. 

Yesterday, I happened upon this picture of the pizza cake I made for “C”.  (By the way, the “tomato sauce” is red icing, the “pepperoni” are Vanilla Wafers and the “cheese” is coconut. )

The night we took this cake to “C’s” restaurant for his birthday, we told him we’d brought our own pizza. That was fine with him. When we opened the box, he wanted to take the “pizza” back to the oven to bake it some more: he said the cheese wasn’t melted.

Marshall told me at the time that I should be proud of that cake if it fooled “C”.

We’re gonna miss him. Wednesday nights won’t be quite the same.