Done With School

For Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop today, I chose the prompt:
5.) Top ten reasons why you’re glad you’re done with school.

(I began this list with my more serious thoughts, so I could end the post on a light-hearted note.)

10.  My mom and I were extremely close during my childhood. My dad died when I was an infant, and my sisters were grown and married by the time I was 5 years old. So I simply didn’t want to leave Mom to go to school.

9. Because I didn’t want to leave Mom, I cried almost everyday when I had to board the school bus. That, of course, was just fodder for teasing from some of the other kids on the bus. That didn’t exactly make for a happy school experience. And the teasing worsened as the years passed.

8. Also, because of the closeness to my mom, I was always afraid that something bad would happen to her while I was away at school.  And in my child’s mind, I was afraid to tell anyone, because I thought that would cause it to happen. Anxiety? You bet.

7. School is especially difficult when you’re painfully shy. Now I realize that I would have enjoyed school much more had I been able to relax and not worry about what the other kids were thinking or saying about me.

6. I never liked getting on the school bus by myself, but living in the country, that’s the way it was.  Many’s the time I wished for a brother or sister to ride the bus with me.

5. Not being athletic, I was the one always chosen last for a team. Regardless of the sport. 

4. School projects were always cause for alarm. They seemed to usually require illustrations or drawings,  and nothing was more daunting than a blank sheet of poster board. (Thanks again, June, for the help with the life stages of a frog.)

3. Oral book reports.  I remember once, I was so nervous, I noticed as I was looking at my notes that I could see my skirt shaking.

2. Riding a school bus. I mean, really, is there any other mode of transportation as uncomfortable?

And the Number One reason, I’m glad I’m done with school?

1. Two words: math and science. Instead, give me grammar and spelling any day. 

These days, I do most of my learning in blog-land; I’m done with school.

First Grade

Mama’s Losin’ It

24 responses to “Done With School

  1. Look at that sweet little face!

    What a thoughtful post!

  2. Eventually we grow into ourselves. it’s a good thing. You had such a sweet, shy, little face. I can feel your nerves in that photo from here.

  3. And now your knowledge knows no bounds. Not a shy little girl anymore!
    Love you,

  4. Well, at least, big sister, June could do something to help you along. I think Mama and I were as glad when you graduated as you were. I think we both wondered if we’d ever sit through your high school graduation. That sweet, shy child has turned into a lovely, self-confident, and considerate adult!

  5. I hated the bus, was shy to the point of being teased, always picked last for every sport (even the elementary school gym teacher teased me!)…found music and drama in middle school, and that got me through….went on to college cause I was “supposed” to…never finished that. Never, ever have regretted being done with school!

  6. Dianna I see much of my own school experiences and feelings reflected in your words…..I too was painfully shy and the last to be chosen for any kind of “team” – happily I moved through that stage and on to bigger and better things. I was VERY happy to finish school though – I suppose we never stop learning but I prefer the “school of life” to the “sitting at an uncomfortable desk” kind any old day!!


  7. This is such a sweet post and I love the picture! I was also painfully shy in school, which was always tough. I got better in college, however, and ever better in grad school.

  8. Now look…you have a widely read blog, mastered computer skills (what was that back then?), interesting photostories, succinct stories in 200 words or less, clear photographs, an excellent memory, the discipline to rise early with the sun every day to post another message. Thank you for sharing.
    #3. Ohhhh, I remember that too.

  9. It just breaks my heart that such a beautiful child had to endure so much. However, perhaps you wouldn’t be the beautiful woman you are today had you not. With school fast approaching here, I pray that no other child has to go through what you did. Not very realistic, I’m afraid, but I know HE is listening.

  10. you were/are such a beautiful and sweet little girl… i wish i could go back and punch every person that every was mean to you. you deserved better and more happy days in school than nervous ones…

  11. If we were the same age I’d swear we were twins separated at birth! I chose this prompt too and listed many of the same reasons!

  12. I hated riding the bus as well. And I completely understand your anxiety about speaking in front of the class, and worrying about your mother while you were at school. Going to school as an adult was so much more enjoyable for me.

  13. Thank you for your sincerity and openness about sharing your shy time in school. My daughter is 8 years old and has such a difficult time with her shyness at school. I know that someday she will blossom socially just as you did, but for now we just take one day at a time.

  14. I was the same way and cried everyday for 6 months and my mother was at school, as she drove the bus and worked in the cafeteria but I still hated to leave her and walk down that long spooky hallway to first class!!!!!!! And, also I was the baby for 10 years!!!!!That picture of you is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,,,,,,

  15. Man, was I ever glad to leave it behind …

  16. It’s astonishing to me how everybody lists being chosen last. Me included. Where are all the people chosen first, I want to know? I guess they loved school and don’t bother writing prompts like these… LOL

    I lived in the country & rode the bus, too, but I didn’t really mind much, because it gave me time where there was nothing to do but imagine out stories & write.

  17. sweet and honest responses…..and one adorable picture!! thank goodness we are not scarred for life!!!

  18. You summed up my school years as well, Dianna, except I was close enough to walk to elementary school. And I didn’t have the added anxiety of losing a parent. That would have been overwhelming–but just look at you now! 🙂

  19. What a sweet face! I am so glad to be done with school, too. Life gets so much better from there, doesn’t it 🙂

  20. Aww, love the pic. What a cute little first grader!

    I also had anxiety that something bad would happen to my mom when I was at school because she was a bit older than all my friends’ moms…it was awful. I’m glad both of us have learned to relax a bit 😉

  21. Very, very sweet little girl. I was a mommy’s girl until the day she passed away. And now, after years of being laughed at, don’t you want to tell those kids, “If you could see me now !” You’re very special!

  22. I love this post. I related to many parts of it. My granddaughter just started college and shared with me that she has been having anxiety dreams about beginning college classes. She moved into the dorm yesterday. I just talked with my older daughter, who continues to have school anxiety dreams. I did, also, for years. I also went through a period of time as a third grader when I cried every day when I got on the bus. Oh, how painful some parts of childhood can be. I’m glad to see you smiling now. And what a cute picture of your younger self.

  23. What a cute wee face. School was hard wasn’t it. I remember my first day at school. I cried and cried, and tried to run away but found the doors all locked. My poor mum, must have been very hard on her.
    Reading these comments I think a lot of people felt the same way.

  24. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Dianna, you may not believe this but it is true. I felt like you were one of the hipest girls in school, compared to me “the stutterer in class”.

    You were always a friend to me on the bus or at school. Thanks!!

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