Sunrise After The Storm

We survived Irene.  She was a mean storm, and hopefully, we won’t ever have to deal with the likes of her again.

The worst of the storm hit us between 8:30 and 11:30 last night. We lost electricity around 8:30. So hearing that ferocious wind and not being able to see anything was difficult.

We’re heading out to assess the damage; we don’t think we have any major problems. But tomorrow, I plan to write a longer post and include pictures.

I hope, if you’ve had to deal with Irene, she didn’t treat you any worse than she did us. Thanks again for all the concern and prayers sent our way.

23 responses to “Sunrise After The Storm

  1. So glad to “hear” from you this morning. Thank heavens you and your family made it through the Wrath of Irene! It looked pretty bad for you on the water. We got way heavier wind and rain than we thought we would this far west. Irene was a BIG storm. Sam was happy to come out of the basement this morning (!!) – he’d been there refusing to budge since yesterday morning before the storm made its way here…..Will look forward to reading your post after you’ve had a chance to check the homestead out!

    Here’s to a PEACEFUL (relatively) Sunday…….

    Pam and Sam

  2. Such a relief to hear from you. Perhaps tomorrow a beautiful sunrise?
    I called my sister in Alexandria earlier. They were prepared to pump water out of the basement with a sump pump, but thankfully they will not have to do that.

  3. We survived too! We’ve got a couple trees down in the neighborhood…one came through the roof into the bedroom of an 8 year old! We’re still getting lots of rain and some decent wind, but doing alright otherwise!

  4. All is well here too. We never lost power and this morning the only thing we can see is a lot of limbs and trash in the yard and a tree fell over the lane. Thank you God.

  5. Jerry drove all night Thursday night to avoid the storm. He goes back tonight. I really hope none of the woods’ trees came into my yard or any of my trees uprooted. We only have 2 trees left since Isabel hit. Glad you all are ok!

  6. I’m glad you are ALL okay!!! All I have to deal with is hot hot temps and dried up ponds.

  7. So glad to know that you are OK. Continuing to pray there’s no major damage for you.

  8. I am sure glad to know you’re all right. I can only imagine the fear of being in the dark and hearing that wind howl around you … and not be able to see what was going on … truly awful.

    Hoping for no major damage outside, either!! MJ

  9. glad you’re still there, and have power once again! 🙂

  10. Super glad to hear you on now on the backside of that storm this morning. I’ll be interesting to see your pictures!

  11. What a relief to know you’ve made it o.k. Hopefully you won’t find much damage. You’ve been on my mind through this. 🙂 And be sure to let us know how Mama Dove made it.

  12. We lost power for about 2 hours yesterday morning, then – miraculously- it came back on. It flickered a few times, but never went off. That a storm a lot easier to deal with. Lost a couple of ceiling tiles, but no other issues. Thanks for all the comments today and yesterday!

  13. that ‘makes’ a storm a lot easier to deal with *** 🙂

  14. happy dance….we are fine as well!! but my feathered friends are going crazy!!

  15. Good to hear from you today and that all is ok. I bet is was a bit scary though. I have been thinking of you all.

  16. and I suppose you’re all wondering where the sunset from the title of this post is….so am I. It’s that laptop’s fault! Hopefully our electricity will be restored this evening, and I can once again post on a REAL computer!

  17. WE HAVE POWER!! Thank the good Lord!! Power went off between 12:30 and 2:30 last night. SOOO glad to have it back…it was getting a little warm in here! I told Barb to turn the a/c to 60 and I’d put a coat on!! LOL!! Hope you get your power back soon!

  18. Thankful you made it OK, Dianna — and hope y’all didn’t find any surprises when you went out to assess for damages. We will look forward to hearing more from you later!

    I’m thankful for the good reports from your other commenters who went through Irene. I guess the ones who may have had troubles don’t have time to blog right now. :-/

    Hope your family sleeps well tonight!!

  19. Good to hear – we lost power for several hours…but they were daytime hours, and no real damage here. So glad you are all fine!

  20. I was so happy to see this post the other night, Dianna. I was gone all weekend and couldn’t comment, but I was thinking about you. Glad the storm didn’t cause too much damage for you. Here’s hoping for a sunny week and eventual power!

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    We too made it though the storm. Lost a piece of fence and has
    some leaking in our front window, but we were blessed. Glad to hear everyone is ok!

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