Sundae Says…..Who’s Irene?

Hi. It’s Sundae. I’m posting today so Motor Mommy can rest. She’s been pretty stressed out lately by Irene, whoever that is.

And Irene gave me a major headache, too.

My routine has been seriously interrupted lately. All that wind and rain, and still no electricity!

I think Motor Mommy’s planning to post some “after storm” pictures tomorrow. Then we’re going to put Irene behind us and get back to more pleasant blog topics. Like sunrises, sunsets, that swan character and me!

I’m going to go check on Motor Mommy now to see how she’s resting. I may need to join her for a cat nap.

21 responses to “Sundae Says…..Who’s Irene?

  1. Hi Sundae! I’m sure your Mom and Dad are glad that Irene stuff is over with and we can all clean up and get back to normal (whatever that is). We didn’t lose power but we had a big mess in our yard – my Mom and Dad spent all day dealing with that instead of playing with ME. I guess that was OK because I needed a day to catch up on naps. I’m so happy you all are alright though because I worried about you BIG TIME!

    Sammy, One Spoiled Cat

  2. I’m glad to hear you’re taking good care of Motor Mommy, Sundae. I don’t think she could have made it through the weekend without your help.

  3. Oh Sundae what a cute post. Sorry your schedule has been interrupted by Irene, hopefully things will get back to normal now. Hope Motor Mommy is having a good nap and awakes feeling less stressed. I also hope that there was not to much damage. Have been thinking about you all weekend. Take care!!

  4. Bless your heart for helping your Mom out, Sundae. I do hope she is resting well and feels better soon.

  5. oh, glad you’re there to take over things for her! 🙂

  6. Hang in there, Sundae. I don’t think you have to worry about Irene ever coming back!

  7. Sundae looks like she’s preparing for a nap! Take it easy!

  8. Finally I am able to use my computor…..I thought I had it bad, but got my electricity back yesterday at 430P,,,,,I can just imagine what you are going thru…..Maybe, you will get a vacation soon…..Take care of your mommy!!!!!

  9. Hang in there ~ clear skies carry with them the promise of good to come this week!!

  10. I hope that “swan character” made it through the storm ok, and glad to see you still have a roof over your head, Sundae. Give Motor Mommy a snuggle for us.

  11. It looks and sounds like you had control of the situation!

  12. Thanks so much Sundae. I thank God that you and your family made it through Irene safely. I know it must have been scarey for awhile. Maybe things will get back to normal soon. (((hugs)))

  13. Oh Sundae, I’m sure you need a nap. Hope you can get back to your routine real soon!

  14. Hoping you didn’t get too pummeled by Irene. Your mom is lucky to have you around to snuggle with when the storms come!

  15. Oh Sundae, I am sure you are exhausted after all that Irene stuff. Looking forward to more posts about you and that “swan character”!

  16. I’m glad you’re okay! Have been thinking of you and hoping Irene wouldn’t do too much damage.

  17. I think you BOTH deserve a long, restful nap — and the Hurricane Center should retire “Irene,” so no one has to deal with her again!

  18. Silly Irene messing with your head, Sundae. I’m so glad to hear you and Motor Mommy are doing OK though. Hope the electricity returns soon for you!

  19. So cute! You are particularly inspired when you are writing from Sundae’s head! I’m glad everyone is safe and that Irene has passed.

  20. Sundae, thanks for filing in for your mom, you’re such a good girl! Thanks for the update.

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Good job Sundae!!!

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