My Photo: Your Caption

I took this picture some time back of the little birdbath outside our kitchen window. The really strange thing is that I ran for my camera because of the goldfinch. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photo to my computer that I realized the bluebird was also there.

Today, I thought it would be fun to have you, my readers, submit captions for this picture. I hope you’ll play along by leaving a comment and/or a caption. If you comment here on the blog  (rather than on Facebook), other readers will be able to see your creativity. And be sure to check back later to see the suggestions others have made.

I just know your ideas are going to make me smile.

20 responses to “My Photo: Your Caption

  1. Yellow Bird: “Hey guys, look! A blue one!”
    1st Gray Bird:”Nah – its not a blue one, its just an image, like a mirage”.
    2nd Gray Bird “Nu uh, it is a blue one, you can see its reflection in the pool.”
    Yellow Bird: “Told ya! We better dress better next time, this is an upscale pool she’s running here!”

  2. Dianne, only you would have the Bluebird of Happiness visiting AND bringing friends. Hope the Groom Swan wasn’t disappointed that he wasn’t invited to that party!

  3. “OK gang – does anybody know what proper bird etiquette is for who gets a drink first? Do we do clockwise or counterclockwise?”
    Dianna I love this photo with the variety of birds at the birdbath at the same time. I rarely see that with my birdbath – it’s always a bunch of cardinals or bluejays – but a bluebird and goldfich at the same time….never!

    Pam (and Sam)

  4. Hey Mr. Blue Bird. May we please have a drink, please, please?

  5. What a party! Let’s have a drink before Sundae comes.

  6. “When are we ever going to graduate from the kiddie pool to the big one?!”

  7. Don’t you know that 2 is company, three is a crowd, but which 2 is company????? But I love all three——————

  8. Bluebird to other birds,
    “I will not take a bath in front of you. I will wait my turn.”

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    :Blue bird “All right guys there is only room for one Big Bird to this bird bath”.

    Dianne, what fun, Enjoy your Labor Day,

  10. It’s an “all swim hour” but we’re waiting for that lady to fill up the pool!

  11. Yellow Bird, “Hey, guys, you know how Dianna is. She’s gone to get that toy of hers that chirps, so just sit tight. You’ll hear her chirp and then you’ll see her smile. Happens every time.”

  12. Finch: ” Hey .. I’ve got a great one, but I might have to stop if HE comes over: two gray birds and a finch are sitting around the birdbath, when this big ugly bluebir… oh …uh … nevermind .. Why’d the chicken cross the road …?? “


  14. “Hey, did you hear?….. She has a CAT!”

  15. Everybody in on the count of three – one, two, …..

  16. Wanna play Duck Duck Goose?

  17. Bluebird: “Since I’m pretty sure the Dove Family wore out their welcome, next year, I get dibs on the hanging basket.”

  18. Hey … dudes .. I heard they have Sundaes here?

  19. Who’s on first?

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