New Neighbors

There’s a new fire house in our little town. It’s located right beside the business that Motor Man and I own. 

Early Saturday morning, preparations were in place for the Open House taking place that afternoon. I took this picture from our property; I’m thinking there are worse neighbors to have than firefighters.

Later in the day, town residents came out to tour the new building. On display inside is the town’s first gasoline fire truck. Back in the 1970’s, Motor Man’s dad rebuilt the engine. He was working at Motor Man’s machine shop at the time.

Sadly, yesterday, the fire department was called to this house fire less than a mile from the new station.

There were no injuries, but I can’t help thinking of the material possessions lost by the homeowners. I’m hoping that because of the fire station’s new location,  maybe the response was quicker, and the losses less than they would have otherwise been.

Those homeowners are probably thankful for the new neighbors too.

21 responses to “New Neighbors

  1. So they finally got the fire-station built on that property. Shows you how long it’s been since I’ve been over that way.
    Good neighbors to have.

  2. Beautiful old truck in that second shot! Was that fire on Wilson? It looks like our neighborhood, I think! Surprised I didn’t smell smoke, though we were gone part of the day…

  3. No doubt the whole community will be mighty happy to have those new neighbors of yours! That old fire truck is just gorgeous…..


  4. It’s good to read a story like this (except the part about the house on fire). All we seem to hear about around here are stories about firefighter lay-offs and fire station closings. Well, mostly in Detroit…

  5. You are so fortunate to have such good neighbors.

  6. Beautiful new addition to the neighborhood. Love the old fire truck.

  7. Most definitely a good neighbor to have – I bet they were thankful.
    I too loved that old fire truck.

  8. Seven years ago, we finally finished the house we had spent five years building. Ten days before we were scheduled to move in, the house was struck by lightning in the middle of the night. The volunteer firefighters are just down the road. They saved the house. I love firefighters!

  9. oh dear. yeah, firemen would certainly be welcome neighbors in almost any neighborhood – even with the sirens…

  10. And they’ve been busy the past couple days; they had a big call the morning before this, too. Farm equipment, I think ??

  11. They would be nice to have close by in case of an emergency! Hope they are not ever needed in your case, tho. When I was 9 years old, our home was burned to the ground. We were not at home at the time and I’ll never forget it. I think at that time the thing that upset me so much was that I lost my huge piggy bank full of money! We had to live in about 3 less than nice homes before our new house was built. My poor mother! My dad didn’t seem to be as affected by the moving and making do as much as mother was. It is devastating to lose everything….and all the photos especially. Thankfully, other relatives had a few of my family to copy.

  12. The old firetruck is a dandy to be sure! Our neighbors across the street lost their home to a large fire last April, and they are finally beginning to rebuild. It’s great to finally hear hammers and saws — the sounds of hope after a fire.

  13. Remember this post the next time it’s 3 am and they’re called out. I, for one, never mind the sound of a siren at night. It makes me feel more safe and secure. Beautifully restored fire truck, by the way.

  14. Beautiful post; lovely pictures and let’s hear it for firefighters!


  15. Love the fire truck! I come from a family of firefighters, so they have a special spot in my heart, too 🙂 And you own a business? Very cool – I always wondered what you do (or did in the past).

  16. The old fire truck is a real handsome vehicle. I admire your new neighbors. They have such a dangerous job. It’s sad about the house fire. It’s a death in it’s own right and a frightful thing to have happen. Thank goodness there was a fire-station nearby to help contain and put out the fire so it didn’t spread. Well done. 🙂

  17. A homeowner’s worse nightmare, I’d think. So wonderful to have the fire station so close. Frightening!!

  18. Great neighbors Dianna and the old fire truck is gorgeous. I love the red bow on its grill! And how cool is it that Motor Man’s Dad rebuilt the engine?!! Sad about the house fire, glad no one was hurt but the loss is devastating.

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Our firemen are a special treasure. Thank the Lord for them. I love the picture of the old fire truck!

  20. We live down the street from a fire station, and are glad to have them close by.

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