Carolina Barn Charm

This beauty is located in Moyock, North Carolina, which is just about halfway between our house and the Outer Banks. Every time we travel to the beach, it seems to catch my eye.

 Although I think the first photo is perhaps the best, I also like this one with the fence.

But, then again, I like this one with the path.

And since I can’t choose which one I like the best, I decided to share all of them.

Linking up to Tricia’s Barn Charm.

24 responses to “Carolina Barn Charm

  1. Wonder why barns seem to always catch our eye. Perhaps it’s just growing up in the country and having that dairy barn in view every time you went out the front door.

  2. i like them all too!

  3. Love the barn. So country. I remember that barn on the way to the beach.

  4. Barns are wonderful photographic subjects – I can see why you couldn’t decide which shot was your favorite – I can’t either! Great shots.


  5. I like the image with the gates… lovely shot.

  6. I think all your photos are great. 🙂

  7. I like all three; I love your triptych.

  8. All three are nice…this barn just sits there looking so rustic and quaint!

  9. Nice classic lines on your barn. And all three views are very good. I think I like the third one the best – I like a path!

  10. i like them all too! glad you shared each view!

  11. I choose door #2! But really I love them all!

  12. Mmmm…I think…the one with the path! I love barns, always have.

  13. I like the touch the fence adds, all are great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I love barns and I like the last shot with the path best!

  15. I like the simplicity here … it manages to be an eye-catcher without making a big deal about it !!

  16. She’s definitely an eye catcher & you’re welcome to post as many barn shots as you like… the more, the merrier! =)

    Thanks so much for joining Barn Charm!

  17. Too pretty!! I wonder what’s inside and how it’s used. Nice photos!

  18. I think it’s the path that sold me on #3 🙂 MJ

  19. gorgeous….so clean and neat. i like the first one best!!

  20. I think I may have said this before, but I really love barns – red ones, gray ones, white ones – doesn’t matter. There’s a great barn on the road that leads to our cabin. It has the gambrel roof and the weathered gray sides, and it just sits in a clump of trees. So fabulous! Your shots are fantastic – as always!

  21. Ooh, I really like the one with the path but I think the one with the fence is my favorite!

  22. I love all the shots too Dianna but I love the one with the path to it the best 🙂 I am drawn to barns too, they just seem to have such individual personality.

  23. Lovely shots. I love the charm of old barns as well. May have to check out that link-up!

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