Castle Sunset

Last week, in my post about portraying my grandmother during a Twilight Tour at Bacon’s Castle, I shared this photo of the sunset. It was taken through a window in the attic, where I was stationed during the tour.

This next photo was taken through the same window, but I used a flash on this one.  It’s easy to see that very little has been done in the way of restoration in the attic, or garret, as it was called.

My post last week resulted in many comments regarding my family’s years at Bacon’s Castle, as well as strange happenings that have supposedly taken place there.  This week, I’ve enjoyed sharing our family’s Castle photos and stories about the house.

I have one more (special) Bacon’s Castle post planned for tomorrow – Halloween, and then we will return to “regular programming”.

14 responses to “Castle Sunset

  1. Thank you for sharing it has been interesting reading about it.

  2. I should think a special Bacon’s Castle Halloween edition post will be VERY appropriate to the occasion considering all the spirit action around there! I too have enjoyed your Castle stories immensely. And I mean that!


  3. Sorry the Castle series is ending…I’ve really enjoyed all the stories (even though I’d heard them before!) and especially the pictures.

  4. Thank you for the tour. What a privilege to get to know such a wonderful house and home through the eyes of one of her family. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s story. I’ll say it again. The above shots are certainly signature photographs for TDOM.

  5. Love the second shot of the window! Looking forward to the Halloween post 🙂

  6. Will you do a Christmas series there as well? I have thoroughly enjoyed the ‘virtual’ tour and the family connections that you’ve so generously shared. This has been a ‘treat’ for sure!

  7. I adore these two photos. It just brings me back to a different time and place and presents so many questions, as I am sure it does for you. I look forward to tomorrow’s post but hope it’s not the last we hear about the castle.

  8. i could do this, every. single. day. facinating!!

  9. Yes, loved this week’s posts … You’ve covered quite a bit in the past few! And the Castle sunrise / sunset choice for the weekend was perfect.. look forward to tomorrow ! 😉

  10. Hi, Diana! I’ve really enjoyed your castle posts and tomorrow’s sound very intriguing. Great shots of the sunset through the window!

  11. I especially love that second shot, where you used the flash. That picture is very inviting!

  12. I like all your programming, Dianna. 🙂 You’re a breath of fresh air.

  13. There’s a mystique and enchantment about these photos. One can almost imagine them as an opening for a curious tale with intriguing characters and an ending of ironic joy. 🙂

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Never grow weary of the history and stories of the Castle.

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