Daily Archives: December 4, 2011


Today, I thought I’d share with you how Sunrise Saturday and Sunset Sunday here at “These Days” came to be. Fairly early in my blogging experience, I discovered that viewership on my blog, as a general rule, is less on weekends than during the week.

So, I decided to just share sunrise and sunset photos with short descriptions on Saturdays and Sundays rather than write lengthy, detailed posts.

Sometimes, though, a little doubt starts nagging at me. What if…..? What if my viewership on the weekends is lower because readers are thinking: “Hmm. It’s the weekend; Dianna’s posting pictures of (yawn) more sunrises and sunsets”.

MAYBE, if I posted something other than sunrise and sunset photos on the weekends, more folks would “tune in”.

Then, I shut out the doubt, and post another sunrise/sunset picture like these of last Monday’s sunset.

Hey! I saw that yawn.