Daily Archives: December 11, 2011

The Sunset Diet

I had quite a bit of company during Wednesday evening’s sunset. To begin with, a few Canada geese were visiting.

Then this guy shows up. He was looking for bread. I didn’t have any.

He apparently got his tailfeathers in a bunch and decided to rejoin the geese.

I don’t think he nor the geese were paying much attention to the sunset.

But I was. After all, that was my reason for being out there….not to beg for bread.

I actually thought the prettiest time of sunset was over and went inside for about 20 minutes. Then I glanced out the window and knew I needed to go back for more pictures. Groom Swan was still waiting for bread. I still didn’t have any.

Perhaps if he’d learn to enjoy the sunset, it would help take his mind off food.

(At least til neighbor Susie shows up with corn.)