Daily Archives: December 26, 2011

Sundae Says….. Tis The Day After Christmas

Happy Day After Christmas, everyone. Motor Mommy had quite a busy day yesterday, so I told her to sleep in today: I’d handle the blog writing duties.

Evidently Santa Claws thought I was a good kitty (guess I had him fooled, huh?), because he brought me quite a few toys for Christmas. First, this crinkle bag that feels soft, but crinkles like a paper bag.  There’s even a sound like a bird chirping inside.

Santa also brought this little toy lion with a bell on his tail. I had fun playing with that for awhile. From the looks of this picture, it brought out the “wild” cat in me.

Even though I’m declawed, Santa’s elves must have seen me “clawing” at the base of the Christmas tree, because Santa brought me a scratching post. I may decide to use it, but only after the tree is put away.  (Those are Motor Man’s gold-toes in the background.)

Because it’s my first Christmas with the “Motor” family, I was very much in demand for holiday photos.

Is it obvious that being held is not my favorite pastime? I made an exception, since it was Christmas. But it WAS fun getting toys and having Marshall come to visit.

Motor Mommy will be back tomorrow. In the meantime, how was your Christmas? Did Santa bring YOU a scratching post?