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Marshall’s Santas

Another Thursday has rolled around, and it’s time once again for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. The prompt I chose this week is:

4.) Santa of Christmas Past. Share the previous years’ Santa photos…what has changed over the years?

As far as I know, there was never a picture taken of me with Santa,  so my post today is about Marshall’s visits with St. Nick.

I had plans to have a picture taken of Marshall each year with Santa. Since he was born in June, he was six months old for his first Christmas. At that age, little ones are rarely afraid of Santa, so getting the first Santa picture was a snap. (Get it? Snap?)

There was a slight problem with getting the Santa Picture for Marshall’s second Christmas.  To begin with, as an eighteen-month old, he was not at all happy to be placed on Santa’s lap. But, since I still had this notion of getting a Santa Picture each Christmas, I told the photographer (as Marshall was screaming and crying) to just take the picture anyway.  Remember, this was before digital photography, so the photos were mailed to you a few days later. But, instead, I received a notice that there had been a problem with the film, so there was no picture.

After that, I wasn’t quite as intent as before on getting a picture of Marshall and Santa every Christmas.

The Christmas that Marshall was 2 1/2, he was okay with Santa so we have a picture from that year.

We skipped a few years, and the next Santa picture was taken when Marshall’s first-grade class went to Miller and Rhoads Department Store in Richmond to see THE REAL SANTA. And, judging from the looks of Marshall’s poor little arms, apparently THE REAL SANTA had quite a grip.

So even though we only have three pictures of Marshall with Santa, those three are treasures. Every Christmas, they’re placed on a table in our foyer, still in their vintage metal frames.

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