Daily Archives: December 28, 2011

Man Nor Beast

Yesterday, for the most part,  was just a miserable weather day here: cold, windy, rainy, damp, dark. As the old saying goes: “not a fit day for man nor beast”.


The two neighborhood fawns didn’t seem to be bothered by the wicked weather. They were, however, on high alert because of some Canada geese in our yard.

Seconds after I took this picture (from the garage window), the fawn turned tail and, as Motor Man would say: “got the heck outta Dodge”.

A short time later, I happened to look out of a window at the other end of the house, and saw not only the two fawns, but also Mama Deer. I apologize for the poor quality, but it was such a cute picture, I wanted to share. Hopefully, you can click it to enlarge.

Apparently deer pay no mind to the “man nor beast” expression.