Daily Archives: December 5, 2011

7 X 7 Award

Saturday brought me quite a surprise: a new blog award. The 7 x 7 Link Award was given to me by Renee over at writing feemail.  Thank you, Renee. I’m honored that you thought me worthy of this award!

Receiving this award is a bit different than the others I’ve been given. This one requires WORK! I am to review all of the posts I’ve written so far and select the ones I feel are the most appropriate in 7 different categories. That’s the hard part. Then, I’m to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers.

If you missed any of these previous posts, I hope you’ll click on the link to take a look.

1.) Most Beautiful. There have been many, many photos on my blog of beautiful sunrises and sunsets. But, because of my love for the house, I’m choosing the post,  Never More Beautiful, for this category. This post featured pictures of Bacon’s Castle during a snowstorm last December.

2.) Most Helpful.  Since I don’t write too many helpful posts, I really had to search for this one. And I DID come up with one. My choice for this category was this one, written for new mothers: Advice.

3.) Most Popular.  This would easily be Sixty-Nine Years, my post on June 6 about my in-laws’ 69th wedding anniversary. Of course, the fact that it was Freshly Pressed was the reason for its popularity and brought over 2,000 views and 101 comments.

4.) Most Controversial. I have always hated confrontation, both in person and on my blog. The only post that has come close to being controversial was Cussing, where, although the majority of readers agreed with my point of view, others got a little fired up about the topic.

5.) Most Surprisingly Successful. How do you measure success in the blogging world? Most views? Most comments? Other than the Freshly Pressed posts, the one with the most comments was Those Were The Days. It was a post I wrote for a writer’s workshop. The prompt was old TV shows that I wish were still running.

6.) Most Underrated. I really struggled with this category. The post that I chose, Beezy, was published quite early in my blog’s history, so I didn’t have many readers (or comments) at that time.  It was written as a tribute to our former kitty.

7.) Most Pride Worthy.   The Star Spangled Banner In Photos  (July 4, 2011) was my choice for this category.  I really enjoyed illustrating our National Anthem in photos.

And now, here are the 7 blogs that are my choices to receive this award:

1.)  Under The Oaks

2.) Enjoy Creating

3.)  Georgette Sullins

4.)  One Spoiled Cat

5.)  A New Day Dawns

6.) Mama’s Empty Nest

7.) It’s All About Purple

I hope you’ll pay a visit to my friends listed above. (Note to my other blog friends:  if I didn’t mention you for this award, it’s most likely because I don’t see any awards on your blog, and wasn’t sure how you feel about being nominated! Feel free to play along.)

Thanks again, Renee!