Daily Archives: December 13, 2011

Town Barns

This barn, my entry for today’s Barn Charm, is located within the town limits of Smithfield, just one street over from Main. It is believed to date from the mid 1800’s.

And I’m not sure if the buildings in the next picture qualify as barns or not. Perhaps they’re just old sheds. But they’re on the same farm, so I thought I’d include them in today’s Barn Charm.

 The property (including a house built in the late 1700’s), is owned by an elderly lady, who still lives there. The barns have fallen into disrepair, as has the house, to a certain extent. A few years ago, a group of volunteers met and offered their services in removing the vines from the house and barns. It was an attempt to prevent further damage to the structures.  I’m told the volunteers were asked by the landowner to leave the premises.