Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

Sundae Says… ♪ Happy Birthday To Me ♪ ♫

♫ ♪  Happy Birthday to me….Happy Birthday to me! ♪ ♫

Hi, there, it’s Sundae, and no, today isn’t really my birthday. At least I don’t think so. No one really knows when I was born, so I’m celebrating the next best thing:

One year ago today, I was adopted by Motor Mommy and Motor Man.

Looking back, I was such a scrawny little thing then.

I had just been spayed about two weeks before Motor Mommy chose me at the Humane Society. And  I had to adjust from living in a little cage to having a real home of my own.

I meowed. A LOT. Mostly at night, and I kept Motor Mommy and Motor Man awake. It was a lot of adjustments for a little kitty. I’m sure you can understand.

But they were patient with me (him more than her sometimes), and soon I settled in just fine.

Since that time,  I’ve had lots of new adventures: I experienced what may have been my first Christmas tree, I have my own window seat for watching the outside world, and I’ve even been on a road trip with my folks. Marshall takes good care of me when Motor Mommy and Motor Man are out of town. And I get to write a blog post once in awhile! I even have an online boykitty friend, Sammy.

I’ve “filled out” nicely during the past year, and I have lots of cozy sleeping spots around the house.

So, Happy Birthday to me. But please, no cake. A girl has to watch her figure, you know.