Daily Archives: March 18, 2012

Sunset Sunday

Today, I’m sharing something a little different for this week’s Sunset Sunday.

Earlier this week, we drove by an old house just a few miles from us, and Motor Man noticed one of those large debris dumpsters in the yard. He commented that evidently the house was going to be demolished soon. He made a u-turn, so I could take pictures. It just happened to be at sunset.

No, my picture isn’t crooked. The house is leaning that much. And I can’t quite make out what those posted signs say….

Those trees along the right-hand side of the house have basically been holding it up for many years. Had they not been there, it probably would have fallen over long ago.

It’s a good thing we stopped to take pictures when we did. The next day when I drove by:

It seems fitting to have taken pictures of that old house at sunset on the last day it was standing.