Daily Archives: March 15, 2012

The Combo

Recently, my blogging friend, MJ, wrote a post entitled “The Spark“. It was based on an article she read in Oprah magazine. In it, four contributors to the magazine were asked the same seven questions.

I decided that I would play along with this little exercise and had drafted a post about it.

In the meantime, another blogging friend, Kate over at Believe Anyway, graciously presented me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

And, just as a coincidence: accepting the award requires revealing seven things about myself. How perfect. So here’s my “Spark/Very Inspiring Blogger” combo:

I’m most creative … when I’m blogging.

If I were a color, I’d be … a shade of blue.

I often imagine myself … younger.

I really wish I knew how to … dance. (But I’m probably too inhibited to actually do it..!)

I’d love to spend a lazy Sunday … riding out in the country with Motor Man. Or staying at home with him and watching a race.

I’m most excited about …  springtime, warm weather, flip flops, digging in the dirt….

My secret talent is … finding typos and misspelled words. (Although Marshall caught a misspelled word on my blog once – SO embarrassing!) 

Now I’m to pass this award along to some other folks. And, of course, it isn’t REQUIRED, but maybe they would elect to answer the same seven questions and create their own combo. Choosing recipients is always the most difficult part of blog awards. But here are my nominees:

Sammy & Pam at One Spoiled Cat

Linda at The Road Awaits

Debbie at It’s All About Purple

Marilyn at Emjay And Them

Renee at Writing Feemail

Georgette Sullins

Mama’s Empty Nest

I can’t wait to see their “combo” posts.

If you aren’t familiar with these bloggers, please pay them a little visit. And tell ’em I sent you.